Welcome to ECOalition

student leadership team


What is ECOalition? 

ECOalition a coalition of sustainably-minded campus organizations working together to discuss environmental issues and foster collaboration, provide sustainable resources to the campus and community, and bring a unified voice to UCSB’s environmental movement.

Statement of Purpose

  1. ECOalition connects student organizations working towards sustainability. We achieve this by holding two quarterly town hall meetings, where members share project ideas and resources and collaborate.
  2. ECOalition creates a unified student voice on issues related to sustainability. We achieve this by passing resolutions. Proposals are sent to organizations for consideration, and later voted upon at council meetings.

UCSB has over 30 student organizations working on issues related to sustainability. In most cases these groups work independently of each other, but often on interconnected projects. As a result, there is repeated effort, inefficient use of resources, and a missed opportunity for collaboration.


ECOalition has been in operation for over a decade. The organization was created to give like-minded students an opportunity to meet and collaborate. Over the years the the organization has evolved, but has always maintained the founding principles.

Recent Developments

During the 2015-2016 school year, ECOalition voted to endorse CalPIRG’s “Save the Plastic Bag Ban” campaign, the Environmental Affairs Board’s petition to create a formal Department of Sustainability, and United Students Against Sweatshops’ campaign to discontinue the sale of Nike merchandise – which is made using unsustainable labor practices – at UCSB. ECOalition also served as a resource for organizations to learn about upcoming events related to sustainability at UCSB.