Environmental Economics (ECON 115)

Kolstad. Prerequisite: Economics 100A and 100B. Same course as Environmental Studies 175.

Course provides a rigorous treatment of environment economics. Topics include welfare analysis, ethical dimensions of economic criteria for protecting the environment, measuring the demand for environmental goods, property rights, economic incentives, including marketable permits and emission fees, and regulating risk.

Natural Resource Economics (ECON 122)

Deacon. Prerequisite: Economics 100B or 104B. Same course as Environmental Studies 179.

Microeconomic theory and capital theory applied to problems of conservationand management of natural resources. Analysis of public policy with special emphasis on nonrenewable energy resources, management of forests, deforestation and species extinction, and use of fish and game resources.

Climate Change (ECON 127)

Deschenes. Prerequisite: Econ 1, 2, and 10A or 100A or 104A. Designed for majors. Not open for credit to students who have completed 191CC

Economic and policy issues underlying threat of global climate change, in particular, role of economics in designing efficient climate policy. Present some of scientific methods in assessing climate change processes. Topics include externalities, taxation, valuation, discounting, and cost-benefit analysis.