Academics: Religious Studies Courses

Introduction to Native American Religious Studies (RG ST 14)


This course is designed as an introduction to the contribution that Native American religions make to the general study of religion. Metaphysical and philosophical aspects of North American native culture. Major concepts of belief systems, religion, and medicine. Theories of balance, harmony, knowledge, power, ritual, and ceremony.

Religion and Ecology in America (RG ST 193/ENV ST 189)


This course will analyze specific themes critical to the understanding of indigenous ways of knowing and the impact of colonialism. We will explore the major factors contributing to the intellectual history of Indigenous America and the contemporary ecological and environmental concerns. The course addresses questions of de-colonization, values, and consciousness raising for balanced living including a discussion of efficient energy use, an evaluation of health risks, and concerns for a sustainable community. Topics include: how perceptions of nature have changed across cultures and over time, how media affects the contemporary American experience both within our inner human nature and the natural world, and how we experience ourselves and the world.