You have the opportunity to participate in an assessment designed to determine to what degree UCSB has addressed sustainability within curriculum and research at UCSB, to what degree UCSB Should or should not encourage faculty to infuse sustainability into existing curriculum, and what resources students and faculty want/need in regards to sustainability within curriculum and research. The results will be used by the campus and in public forum.

There is no identifying information in the survey nor are there any markers on the survey, ensuring that there is no way your responses can be traced to you. The survey will take 5-10min. Please, only fill out the survey once and choose a time when you can do it in one sitting.

If you have questions regarding the survey or our guarantee of your confidentiality, please call Katie Maynard (805)-893-2003 during normal business hours. The accuracy of our findings depends on the participation of as many students and faculty as possible; therefore, your participation- while completely voluntary is very important. Please answer the questions honestly.

Your participation in this study is much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help!

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