LabSYNC Point E-E2 and E-E5

Problem: Instruments consume energy due to lack of start-up/shut-down procedures. It is often assumed that calibration settings will be lost during shut-down.

Solution: Clearly label an instrument with start-up/shut-down procedures or establish appropriate start-up/shut-down as a new lab practice in whatever way works for your laboratory. Become familiar with the shut-down settings of your equipment because you may find that most equipment have the capability of saving your settings during shut-down.

Benefits: You can save the University a significant amount of energy costs by keeping a regular start-up and shut-down procedure in your lab

Costs: There are no costs to the laboratory for implementing a start-up/shut-down procedure.

LabSYNC: For those involved in the LabSYNC Assessment, you can earn points for both labeling instruments with proper procedures and for having lab occupants sign the pledge attached to your report.