Better Together: Join to Work for a Sustainable Future

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Contributor: LeeAnne Kryder*
The start of another school year is an exciting opportunity to join UCSB’s quest for our planet’s sustainable future.
Ensuring a sustainable future—that is, using our natural resources carefully so that future generations can enjoy these resources too—requires both a personal commitment and a collaborative effort to be good stewards. As our Sustainability website ( indicates, we’ve made a lot of progress! We are building better buildings. Saving more energy. Reducing our water usage. We’ve got a Farmer’s Market! For the past 40 years, UCSB has been a national leader in environmental activism and sustainability. We have accomplished much.

But we have more to do. Please join in!
What I like best about our sustainability efforts here at UCSB is that it is a shared endeavor—linking students of all majors, faculty, staff, and administrators. We are building a “culture of sustainability” within our UCSB community. As we begin our new year, let’s see what we can each contribute to our “common future.” Check out the “Get Involved” tab on our Sustainability website for some possible “action[s] today for tomorrow.” Or use the “Contact Us” tab for more ideas.

While there is much to do, I do not despair. I think that if we really understand the challenge and importance of this effort to ensure a sustainable future͟͟—and we use our best research, innovative talents, and passionate collaboration for this effort—we can achieve much. I am inspired by the collaborative efforts of others here at UCSB, especially the work of our students and staff. One of our distinguished alumni, Jack Johnson, said it best. We are “better together.”

*Dr. LeeAnne Kryder is a faculty member of UCSB’s Writing Program, and teaches for both the Environmental Studies Program and the Bren School. Her courses in professional writing focus on environmental and business communication. She serves on two sub-committees for campus sustainability: Sustainability Communications and the Academic Senate Sustainability Work Group. For her efforts in building sustainability content in writing courses, she has received both TGIF and New Leaf grants.