Climate Change Research

Climate Change

Research Groups

Climate Variations and Change Research Group (CLIVAC)
Climate Hazards Group
Biogeography Lab

Current Projects and Collaborations

Global Climate Change, Human Security & Democracy, Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies
Ecological Effects of Climate Change Working Group, NCEAS


Bodo Bookhagen
Geography: Research includes understanding climate change by investigating geomorphic processes, landscape evolution and tectonic processes.

Mark Brzezinski
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology: Marine/ Phytoplankton ecology; specific focus on the role of diatoms and their relationship to carbon dioxide in the ocean

Craig Carlson
Ecology Evolution & Marine BiologyMarine microbial ecology; dissolved organic cotton; marine biogeochemistry

Leila Carvalho
Geography: Climate variations and changes; investigating the interactions between Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land, biosphere and ice.

Oliver Chadwick
Geography: Developing spatially explicit models that describe the distribution of Earth-surface properties and processes in relationship to changes in driving processes along environmental gradients.

David Cleveland
Environmental Studies: Research focuses on sustainable agriculture and its role in responding to climate change, resource scarcities, and demands for social justice.

Scott Cooper
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology: Research investigates what factors determine the distribution and abundances of organisms as well as climate and land use change, oil pollutants, and acidic deposition on freshwater systems.

Lorraine Lisiecki
Earth Science: Quantitative historical analysis of the paleoclimate

Olivier Deschênes
Economics: Economic effects of climate change

Jeff Dozier
Bren: Snow hydrology and climate change

Steve Gaines
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology/ Bren: Population and community ecology; marine biogeography and biodiversity; carbon dioxide in the ocean

Catherine Gautier (Emeritus)
Geography: Research includes nderstanding global and regional climate change by investigating atmospheric variables and developing and implementing climate computer modeling software.

Gretchen Hofmann
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology: Ecological physiology of marine organisms

Sally Holbrook
Ecology Evolution & Marine BiologyPopulation dynamics of marine species; temporal patterns in reef communities; impact of climate change on reef communities/ marine species

Jennifer King
Geography: Research focuses on investigating biogeochemical processes and natural and human-induced environmental changes to address questions relating to terrestrial ecology.

David Lea
Earth Science: Research investigates key factors linking global climate and changing ocean composition

Jonathan Levine
Ecology Evolution & Marine BiologyExotic plant invasions; species diversity and ecosystem function; mechanisms underlying rare plant persistence; plant  community responses to climate change; determinants of commonness, rarity, and coexistence

Lorraine Lisiecki
Earth Science: Quantitative historical analysis of the paleoclimate

Hugo A. Loaiciga
Geography: Water/ energy sustainable development; planning, design, and analysis of water resource systems; climate change in regards to sea level rise and its impact on freshwater aquifers

David Lopez-Carr
Geography: Human dynamics of global climate change with a regional focus in Latin America (rural poverty and development, health, population, land use/ cover change)

Sally MacIntyre
Ecology Evolution & Marine BiologyPhysical-biological coupling; physical limnology and oceanography; tropical, temperate and arctic lakes; flow in kelp forests and coral reefs

Joe McFadden
Geography: Land-use/ land-cover change; biosphere and atmosphere interactions; Earth system science; sustainability science, urban ecology

John Melack
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology/ Bren: Research investigates ecological processes in lakes, wetlands and streams; nutrient inputs and carbon dioxide uptakes by forests.

Joel Michealsen (Emeritus)
Geography: Climatology; meteorology; statistics

John Perona
Chemistry and Biochemistry: Biogeochemistry; t-RNA; climate change

Barbara Prezelin
Ecology Evolution & Marine BiologyMarine biology; ocean topography; climate change impacts on primary production in coastal waters

Simone Pulver
Environmental Studies: Research focuses on the participation of developing-country firms in India and Brazil in the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism and the use of scenarios in global environmental governance.

Josh Schimel
Environmental Studies and EEMB: Research strives to understand the dynamics of soil organic matter in the Arctic, investigating carbon in the Arctic soil and its relationship to climate change.

Russell Schmitt
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology: Population dynamics of marine species, population and community responses to environmental forcing

Alex Simms
Earth Science: Regional and global sea-level change

Chris Still
Geography: Research investigates carbon cycling, ecological climatology, sustainable science, and climate change using models and studies of stable isotopes

Christina Tague
Bren: Research focuses on interactions between hydrology and ecosystem processes, and how eco-hydrologic systems are altered by changes in land use and climate.

Bruce Tiffney
Earth Science: Evolution of plant ecosystems; terrestrial plant response to climate change

Syee Weldeab
Earth Science: Uses marine sediment cores to understand the linkages between tropical oceans and high latitude climate, and their interaction with and effect on the monsoon systems.