Current Interns


KristineArakawaKristin Arakawa is a third year ecology and evolution major and is planning to double major with environmental studies. Previous internships at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and her current position at the Research Experience Education Facility (REEF) have sparked her interest in ocean education. Although Kristin only recently became interested in environmental policy and sustainability practices, she is excited to be a part of the PACES team and eager to make a difference in UCSB’s campaign to attain zero waste by 2020. In the future, she hopes to find a career that will allow her to combine her interests in the oceans, wildlife conservation, and sustainability policy. Kristin is also, an active member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi and loves playing on the Women’s Ultimate club team.

Jasmin Avina is a fourth year Sociology Major and Earth Science minor. This year, Jasmin participated in the travel study program with New York University / UCLA, where she collaborated with guest lecturers, evaluated green development landmarks and conducted sustainability and adaptable reuse research within New York City. Years prior to transferring to UCSB, Jasmin worked in education management for Opportunities for Learning and Options for Youth Public Charter Schools in the Los Angeles area, which serve at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area. Currently on campus, Jasmin works at the UCSB Department of Earth Science as a Student Administrative Assistant. Through her recent internship with the PACES team, she is enthusiastic to contribute to UCSB’s sustainability goals. After graduation, she will continue to be an environmental advocate and promote community uplift by finding a career linking her interests in renewable energy, environmental policy, sustainability and green building practices.

Gloria Campos has a passion for working with youth and building community power. As a third year Black Studies and Environmental Studies double major with an emphasis in Environmental Justice, she has experienced the lack of intersectional focus and understanding of the issues affecting communities most affected by environmental issues. She hopes to continue learning from her experiences working with youth and community organizations and actively make an effort to draw bridges and build awareness alongside people who continue to live in areas with environmental hazards and lack adequate access to healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

Juan Chavez is a fourth year at the University of California Santa Barbara working towards his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Mathematics. During his second year he developed a passion to create and help foster a sustainable culture and environment. This year, Juan is a volunteer intern for the Educating Leaders for the Future Program focusing on facilitating in classrooms and assisting activities with the youth. He is interested in pursuing a career regarding education and outreach after finishing his education at UCSB.

Sam Goldman is a third year Geography major and planning on a Professional Writing minor. He is also a member of UCSB American Red Cross, a staff writer for The Bottom Line, and an officer in Campus Democrats and currently works as an exam proctor for the Disabled Students Program. Sam’s goals as a Data Collection Intern with the Interactive Campus Map Team include learning more about and experiencing first hand sustainability efforts so he can help spread and implement more sustainable practices in the community.

Stephen Huynh is a fourth-year, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. His interests include food production and teaching youth. Starting in the fall of 2011, he volunteered with the S’Cool Gardens Program at Ellwood Elementary – helping maintain the garden there and assisting with lesson plans. He has also been involved in teaching and tutoring students of various grade levels in Long Beach and in the Santa Barbara area. He is interested in pursuing an environmental education related career after graduation.


Alexander Jauregui is a third year Environmental Studies major with a concentration in sustainable agriculture and ecological design. As a student researcher in Dr. Susan Mazer’s lab, Alexander participates in the investigation of climate change on the phenology of wild flowers. Jauregui interned with the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration working in the Center’s Herbarium and also at the Audobon Habitat within the Coal Oil Point Reserve. In addition, Alexander is currently an intern with Chapala Gardens, an urban rooftop aeroponic farm. In that capacity, Jauregui works to implement sustainable methods of farming in an urban environment. The scope of Jauregui’s experience includes environmental education as he has served in several garden education programs. Alexander is also a member and past Vice President of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity Inc.. When not involved with his internships, you can catch him downtown behind the till at the World Market in Santa Barbara.

Jayna Ji is a third year Sociology and Communication double major at UC Santa Barbara.  She is passionate about communicating sustainability on her campus to fellow students.  This year, Jayna is an event coordinator intern for the California Higher Education and Sustainability Conference that will take place this June at San Diego State University.  Jayna also works at UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services as an ACE Program Writing Tutor.  She plans to study abroad in Germany next year, and looks forward to learning about sustainability in a new cultural context.  Jayna hopes to follow her interests in sustainable event coordinating, and continue to communicate and teach others about sustainability in the future.

August Lack is a first year student at UC Santa Barbara. She is a psychology major planning on earning a bachelor of arts in psychology. In high school, August started her own charity project raising awareness for teen driving safety in San Diego County. Now, she’s raising awareness for sustainability through the CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference. In the near future, August looks forward to getting more involved with learning about and solving issues affecting the UCSB campus and students. As for the distant future, she hopes to take her education in psychology and experience with the conference to a career that allows her to help others and make a difference in her community and in the world.


Jeff Martin is a first year student pursuing a major in Biochemistry with a minor in German. As a Data Collection Intern it is his job to meet with stakeholders so he can best represent their interests on the Interactive Campus Map. Outside of school he enjoys playing soccer, riding bikes, and hanging out on the beach. he learned about green technology and sustainable living through a high school environmental class and since then have sought to learn more about green businesses and to spread the idea of sustainability. He plans on working in a lab to gain more knowledge of organic chemistry and he will be volunteering South Africa next summer under the GIVE program to increase long-term sustainability.

Elizabeth McBride is a fourth year working on her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. She is also pursuing a minor in Spatial Thinking through the Geography department. Elizabeth spent the past year abroad at the University of Copenhagen, where she had the opportunity to learn about environmental issues from an international standpoint. She studied topics such as landscape and restoration ecology, climate science, and motivating environmental behavior change. She is a PACES intern this year, working with departments on campus to reduce their environmental impact. Now that she is back in California for her last year as an undergraduate, she is looking forward to learning more about sustainable practices in the workplace.

Marissa McClure is a second year Communication major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her experience in various marketing and sales roles created a strong foundation for the position of Event Coordinator for the CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference 2014. Along with this position, she also holds a leadership role in the UCSB First Committee, is recognized in the UCSB Honors Program, and tutors a fifth grade student weekly at Isla Vista Elementary. She is passionate about gaining more experience and knowledge about how California campuses can truly commit and benefit from sustainability.

Colin Netal

Colin is a fourth year student majoring in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Economics.  His interests include Sustainable Development, Urban Design, and Environmental Economics.  Outside of the classroom, he has worked with the sustainability-focused Root 217 Café on campus, along with involvement with organizations such as UCSB Greeks Gone Green and IFC fraternity Beta Theta Pi.  Colin’s work Economic Development Coordinator for UCSB Sustainability aims to increase the extent of local purchasing from government agencies and other businesses in Santa Barbara County.  In his free time, Colin enjoys running, hiking, listening to music and relaxing at the beach.

NoelleOcen-Odoge_smNoelle Ocen-Odoge is a third year double major in Biology and Environmental studies B.S. She has worked with Coal Oil point Reserve and Goleta Valley for local ecological restoration projects.Noelle has also done work with Cheadle Center for Ecological Biodiversity for the Herbarium.She is interning in Dr. Mazer’s, Dr. Lambert’s, and Dr. D’Antonia’s laboratories during the of summer 2013 doing plant research. She is also interested in pursuing a career in evolutionary plant genetic research or working for an environmental non-profit organization.

Kristyn Payne

Kristyn Payne is a second year Environmental Studies (B.S.) major. She is currently an event coordinator intern for the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference that will take place this June at San Diego State University. As well as working in the Sustainability Office, Kristyn sits on the Board of Directors for a local urban forestry non-profit Goleta Valley Beautiful. Here she participates with general planning, science nights at local elementaries, volunteer organizing, and various other activities. This year she will also be participating in the organizing team for this year’s California Student Sustainabilty Coalition Convergence hosted by UCSB this Spring.

Arriana Rabago is a third year UCSB student pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Chemistry. She is a Laboratory Sustainability Coordinator for the LabRATS program on campus which aims at assisting research labs in adopting sustainable habits. Arriana is also engaged in UCSB’s Zero Waste Committee as a co-chair of the student organization that strives towards helping the university achieve its goal of zero waste by 2020. Outside of her sustainability efforts, Arriana is an athlete for the UCSB Cheer Team. In each of her endeavors, she is driven by her mission to see a positive change in the world.

Emilie Wood is a third year student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara. She just returned from a semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, studying biodiversity in the urban environment. She was a lead intern at the Research Education and Experience Facility (REEF) at Campus Point, where she was responsible for animal husbandry and teaching ocean science to tour groups. She is currently an intern at Community Seafood, a local community supported fishery and a UCSB Tour Guide, introducing prospective students to our campus community. As a Living Lab Intern, Emilie will be highlighting sustainability-based research on campus through blogging, news articles and the web, as well as helping to organize a speakers’ bureau and series of brown-bag lunches for faculty.

Garrison YangGarrison Yang, or Gare, is currently a 2nd year Environmental Studies major at UCSB and is also pursuing a double major in spatial studies or statistics. Having lived in Seattle, San Francisco, and Texas, he wants to use his education in environmental studies and sustainability in a career involving sustainable urbanization. His hobbies include playing guitar, reading, spending time with his pets, and watching cheesy low-budget movies.


Nancy Yang is a third year Global Studies major, who intends to apply for the Professional Writing minor her senior year. She has spent the past year working at the Isla Vista Food Cooperative as an Administrative Intern, which piqued her interest in learning more about locally sourced produce, sustainable food systems, and student outreach. Through her internship under UCSB sustainability, she hopes to promote a campus-wide sense of food mindfulness and self-care. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, volunteering at the local dog shelter DAWG, and cooking for friends and family.

NancyYu(1)Nancy Yu is a third year Geography major with an emphasis in Geographic Information Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has taught Kung Fu at a martial arts school in the summer and helped her students keep up with their schoolwork. She has previously worked for the University’s Annual Fund to contribute to and support student programs and organizations. This year Nancy is interning for the Geography Department’s Interactive Campus Map as a Data Collection Intern. She hopes to one day work in disaster relief and planning.

Travis Zane is a second year Psychology major planning to double major in Communications or Sociology. After leading a delegation of students in completing a sustainable community service project for the community of Leon, Nicaragua during the summer of his junior year at Davis Senior High School he found a passion for traveling abroad, planning events, and managing business operations for group oriented projects. As a freshman he served as president of the Anacapa Residence Hall and member of the Residence Halls Association Coordinating Board in which he organized budgets, planned university events, and advised students. For the summer he is interning at home in Davis, Ca for Asian Resources Inc. as a program and operations intern, helping local clients find employment in the Sacramento area. After experiencing work in and out of the office he hopes to pursue an MBA degree at New York University or abroad outside of the United States. Upon returning to Santa Barbara for Fall 2014 he hopes to further his involvement in today’s sustainability efforts and gain hands-on experience in business development.

Our Alumni

Hailey AllisonHailey Allison is a third year Environmental Studies major and hopeful Professional Writing minor. As a Living Lab intern, she aims to connect faculty’s sustainability research with the greater community. She also works on campus as a student assistant for the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies. Previously, Hailey held a position on the headquarters team of Sprout Up, a local non-profit that teaches elementary students about the environment. With a love of the natural world and passion for writing, Hailey aspires to become an environmental journalist and community educator.


Tessa 2Tessa Balboni is a fourth year Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology major at UC Santa Barbara. Last year, she served as the chair of the Environmental Affairs Board, an Associated Student group at UCSB. Tessa volunteered with Goleta Valley Beautiful as a Green House Intern for nine months caring for native trees and planting them on restoration sights around Santa Barbara County. She currently works at the UCSB campus pool as a swim instructor. This year she is the co-director of the Plastic Pollution Coalition at UCSB. She will lead the group towards their mission of reducing single-use plastics on campus.

Melissa JensenMelissa Jensen is a fourth year Environmental Studies Major with a focus in urban planning and GIS. For the past year, she has worked with the Interactive Campus Map in the creation of sustainability focused layers on campus. Her interests include smart growth, green building, and cooking with friends. She plans to pursue a career in environmental planning.




Alex Kovalick





Chellsee Lee

Chellsee Lee is a third year Environmental Studies Major and Black Studies Minor at UCSB. She is the current Clean Energy Chair of the Environmental Affairs Board where she founded the clean energy campaign team, University of California for Clean Energy (UCCE). Chellsee also acts as an instructor for Environmental Education for the Next Generation and is the Entertainment Chair for the UCSB Dance Marathon chapter. Her two goals are to create an Environmental Social Justice Non-Profit and an environmental documentary film that makes people believe again. Her favorite movie is The Sandlot and truly lives by the Babe’s famous words: “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”


Lauren Menzer is actively involved in various environmental organizations on campus to further sustainability practices at UCSB. As a freshman, she worked with the Compost Pilot Project to successfully implement composting on campus, and continually promotes expanding this project throughout campus. As a second-year doubling in Environmental Studies and Political Science, she continually increases sustainability awareness across UCSB being the Co-Chair of Zero Waste Committee, Outreach Staff for AS Recycling, and a member of the Change Agent Waste Team. Her goal for this year is to successfully incorporate universal paper-towel composting to further adhere to the UC-wide goal of zero waste by 2020. She is now working as an assistant for the CHESC conference held June 2013. In the future, she aspires to apply all that she has learned in an environmental sector job to further world-wide conservation and sustainability.

Andrea Nunez transferred from UC Riverside in 2011, where she was involved with Sustainable UCR and Social Justice Alliance. Inspirational colleagues and her involvement in student activism motivated her to undergo a drastic change from English to Environmental Studies, upon her arrival to UCSB. Andrea is currently a fourth-year Environmental Studies Major and an English minor. Last year, she partnered with the Early Academic Outreach Program and the Sustainability Internship Program to design and launch the Educating Future Leaders Program, which raises awareness of green academic and career pathways amongst high school aged at-risk youth. Andrea is also an intern with the PACES Program, our Green Office Certification Program. She plans to pursue a masters degree in Environmental Toxicology and Public Health.

Cece Osborn, InternCecelia Osborn’s two passions, education and sustainability, stem from her great appreciation for the outdoors and an intense interest in alternative education. She pursues her passion for education in her Psychology Major and Education Minor at UCSB, as well as in her involvement with Sprout Up. Each week Cecelia leads a group of fellow Sprout Up instructors in elementary school classrooms to teach environmental science and sustainability lessons. In addition, she develops Sprout Up’s curriculum on its Education Team. Aside from her studies and involvement with Sprout Up, Cecelia is involved with the Environmental Affairs Board and Zero Waste Committee on campus. As EAB’s Green Bill consultant, she develops resources and programs that assist A.S. organizations increase their environmental awareness and adopt sustainable practices. As the ZWC’s Vice Chairperson, she plays an important role in developing projects that minimize waste on campus.

Headshots104Jazmine Saucedo is a second year Environmental Studies and Sociology major at UC Santa Barbara. She is a youth educator for Educating Future Leaders (ELF) and a member of the Environmental Affairs Board. She is interested in environmental justice and has dedicated her summers as a program coordinator at a local non-profit organization in the San Fernando Valley, Project Youth Green. The program allows for low-income families to have access to green space and to their very own gardens providing them with naturally grown fruits and vegetables. She also works as an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutor at La Cumbre Junior High mentoring in math and college readiness.

Headshots132Ariella Yendler





Austin Grego, Intern

Austin Grego is a third-year Communication major and is pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. As a sustainability intern, he will help highlight on-campus faculty research by writing for the UCSB Sustainability newsletter and blog. Being from Huntington Beach, his passions include surfing, riding bikes, and occasionally going barefoot—all reasons why he was drawn to UCSB. Sometime in the last decade, he heard about going green and decided to give it a try. He currently races for the UCSB Cycling Team and believes bicycles are the best way to get around.



Tanya Hernandez is a fourth year double major in Communications and Religious Studies. She worked in the Marketing and Development Office at the UCSB Athletics Department for almost two years. She then studied in South Africa for a year where she volunteered with an education program teaching English to first and second graders in townships on the outskirts of Cape Town. This year she is working as an Event Planning Assistant for the CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference. She plans to pursue a career in international affairs.


Adam ArazaAdam Araza is a fourth-year student majoring in geography with a GIS emphasis. His interests include sustainable transportation, green business practices, and using GIS to examine human behavior. He has worked as an undergrad assistant in the GeoTrans lab, assisted with the Santa Barbara County Green Business Certification of four stores on the UCSB campus, and worked on an interactive map prototype with the goal of mapping crimes in Isla Vista. This year, Adam will continue interning with PACES, collaborating with campus departments working toward Green Office Certifications. He will also begin working with the Interactive Campus Map team developing Sustainability Layers.

JonnyJonny Conner is a senior Geography major and Global Security minor at UC Santa Barbara. Jonny transferred into the University but has previous work experience with a forestry company who abides by the sustainable forestry initiative (SFI). With the SFI in effect the company focuses on modern sustainable forestry techniques, the protection of water, resources and wildlife, and well-conceptualized long-term planning. This year Jonny will be a GIS Data Technician and assist a team on updating the current interactive campus map for the UC Santa Barbara campus.

Rachel Culhane is a third year undergraduate double majoring in Communication and Film and Media Studies. She plans to graduate at the end of this Summer after studying abroad at Sussex University in Brighton, England. Her many interests involve music/singing, healthy living, helping others, environmental affairs, traveling, socializing, and keeping busy. Rachel is the current president of UCSB’s co-ed a capella group Naked Voices and research chair for the premier musical group Medical Music. As a 6 year vegetarian, she is passionate about nutrition and currently volunteers as a nutritional educator for the Santa Barbara Food Bank kid’s after school program. In the past, she has volunteered as a teacher for numerous after school, dance, bible, and summer school programs. In addition to her rigorous school and volunteer schedule, Rachel works part time as a server in Goleta. After graduating, she hopes to work as a volunteer in the Peace Corps.

Jason Dale, Sustainability InternJason Dale is a fourth year undergraduate at UCSB pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. As a student worker with the Cheadle Center for Biological and Ecological Restoration (CCBER), Jason has acquired a working knowledge of ecological stewardship and its interplay with human development. Following his time with CCBER, Jason was an intern with the UCSB Environmental Health and Safety department and assisted with statutory environmental compliance. Jason has volunteered his time in a Freshwater Ecology Laboratory where he developed an understanding of lab practices. During the summer of 2012, Jason completed an internship with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) where he worked on Energy Planning for the San Diego region. By aggregating his USGBC LEED GA certification coupled with an understanding of energy efficiency and sustainability, Jason is working with the LabRATS team to further Laboratory Sustainability on the UCSB campus.

Cherise Dixon is a fourth year senior, currently pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Sociology. She has recently studied abroad in London where she took classes about the effects of climate change and emissions such as carbon on the environment. In addition to her academic pursuits, Cherise is a member of the Track and Field team. She represents UCSB through events including the 400m hurdles and 100m hurdles. Cherise has also participated in several volunteer activities on campus and in the Isla Vista community from freshmen move in to creating awareness of the importance of exercise. She looks forward to making UCSB a sustainable campus with more efficient energy options. This year, Cherise will be working on the development of creating a sustainable food cart that will offer people on campus a more eco-friendly option.

Headshots131Rebecca Ellen





Molly Gordon, Sustainability Intern

Molly Gordon is a senior in Environmental Studies at UCSB. She currently sits as the chair of The Green Initiative Fund and as an active member of Environmental Affairs Board, Isla Vista Surfrider and Environmental Education for the Next Generation. Last year as an Environmental Affairs Coordinator for Associated Students she was able to be a liaison for many different campus environmental groups before taking off to Costa Rica in the spring with the Wildlands Studies program. Though some of her main interests are resource conservation, global food issues and public health and wellness, she is excited to work as an intern in the curriculum field especially regarding sustainability in academics.

Erica HeadshotErica Aguilera is a senior Environmental Studies major, at UC, Santa Barbara. She served as the Outreach and Education Coordinator for Coastal Fund for two years. There she developed and facilitated several strategic planning sessions, and is responsible for developing the internship program. As the Co-Founder and Director of the UCSB-Plastic Pollution Coalition, she played a vital role in planning the first “Day Without A Bag” at UCSB, and worked with the campus bookstore to eliminate the use of plastic bags. She continues to work with campus entities to eradicate plastic waste from UCSB. She strives to make a positive impact on her community and to make the world a better place.

Caroline Bargo is a fourth year student in the Environmental Studies program, with an emphasis in Urban Planning and Architecture. Her interests lie mainly in sustainable energy resources and their wide-scale implementation.  She studied abroad in Copenhagen and witnessed a massive infrastructure of renewable energy, which sparked her interest into the topic. She has been a member of the UCSB Rowing team for the past three years, and continues on into her fourth year. She will graduate this year with Distinction in the Major after writing a senior thesis on Scandinavian energy programs.

Branden BuffingtonBranden Buffington is a fourth year Environmental Studies Major. In 2011, he volunteered with the Santa Barbara Foodbank and helped extensively with their Kids’ Farmer’s Market Program. This program provides fresh and organic produce along with nutritional education to low-income children in the Santa Barbara area. This year, Branden has taken on the role of the Energy Programs Coordinator for the UCSB Sustainability Internship Program in Geography.  In this role, he will be identifying successful multi-jurisdictional partnerships in renewable energy and writing case studies based on existing models, partnering with the PowerSave Green Campus Program to support their Residential Hall Energy Competition, and assisting the UCSB’s Green Office Certification Program, PACES in departmental assessments.

Mason Goodman is a senior at UC Santa Barbara in the Environmental Studies program. His interests include environmental consulting as well as environmental law. Mason has interned at Puma Canyon Ranch, where he helped maintain facilities and planted native species. He has also volunteered at Coal Oil Point Reserve where he was a Snowy Plover Docent. While a docent he maintained critical habitat, enforced beach rules and educated the public. This year Mason will begin interning with the PACES program and looks forward to making UCSB a more sustainable university.

Martin Harrison InternMartin Harrison





Julie Headshot

Julie Keller is a freshman Environmental Studies major.  At the 2012 Spring Insight, she was intrigued by the PACES program booth and reached out to the advisor in order to get involved.  During this summer, she has been researching ways in order to motivate faculty to adapt their teaching modes  towards a sustaining approach.  In high school, Julie was always very self-motivated and passionate about making a change.  Particularly, her participation in the Go Green Club, which organized recycling around campus, her fundraising for St. Jude´s Children Research Hospital, and involvement with Friendship Circle, an organization that works with special needs children.  Julie has always been motivated to make a change, and she is very excited to bring these qualities to the PACES program this upcoming fall, whether it be researching, aiding projects, or starting her own.


Kelvin LiKelvin Li is a fourth year double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology with a minor in Asian American Studies. He has been working with the University of California’s Center of Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology as a research intern at UCSB’s Bren Hall for more than a year. His area of research focuses on introducing engineered nano particles to phytoplankton algae and assaying its toxicity. During his junior year, he studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong for a semester focusing on Environmental Management and Planning. While studying abroad, he also volunteered to teach English to local high school students. After graduation, he hopes to continue onwards to graduate school and land a career in Green Business/Management.

Amanda Tam, Intern

Amanda Tam is a fourth year Environmental Studies Major and Women, Culture, and Development Minor at UC Santa Barbara. She studied abroad in Botswana during her third year where she studied Environmental Studies and Public Health. She is interested in conservation as sustainable energy and how that can also be applied to developing countries. This past summer she lived in a slum in Kolkata, India where she was able to experience life among the urban poor. She is actively involved as a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which she loves dearly. This school year, Amanda is really looking forward to being a Green Office Coordinator with PACES and helping UCSB become more efficient in how it uses the planet’s resources.


FeliceTsuiFelice Tsui is a fourth year Communications major and Writing and Civic Engagement minor. In her third year, she studied abroad in Singapore and traveled throughout South East Asia, which sparked her interest in various social justice issues. To fuel her new-found curiosity, Felice worked as an event coordinator for CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) 2013 after returning abroad. This widely opened the doors to sustainability, and since then, Felice worked as the Social Media Coordinator for UCSB Sustainability. Now, she is the Event Coordinator for the Sustainability in Student Health Facilities & Clinics webinar series , and a committee member for CHESC. With a dual interest in health and nutrition, as well as cultural integration, she hopes to work abroad in the field of public health and public relations after graduation. She is also keen on yoga, hiking, and cooking, and is excited to learn more about sustainability.

Olivier HeadshotOlivier Sinoncelli is a fourth year double major in Environmental and Global Studies. He has received Dean’s Honors in three quarters and received several merit based scholarships.  He is active in the local community as an instructor with Environmental Education for the Next Generation.  In 2011, he  studied global environmental politics and law in Bordeaux, France. As a new Director of the Ecological Stewardship and Policy Program, he  is preparing the program for the fall launch of their new training program and internship model. He plans to attend law school and become an environmental attorney.

Nicholas HeadshotNick Parker is a second year Mechanical Engineering major. In 2010, he worked with Caltech in a research program dedicated to finding more efficient ways to create usable energy with the help of sunlight where he tested different solutions to find cheaper and more efficient chemicals to use in solar panels. Currently, he is working as an undergraduate research assistant in a multi-campus coagulopathy project (a condition in which the blood’s ability to clot is impaired). This year, Nick will be an intern for LabRATS, where he will be launching a national lab sustainability website for Green Labs Planning. Nick is interested in finding and implementing the use of more efficient sustainable materials and advancing medical technology to bring a more healthful future.

Headshots143Deborah Pena is a fourth-year Religious Studies major. She served as an Educational Programs Intern at UCSB Summer Sessions for two years.  There she worked with the Freshman Summer Start Program, The Research Mentorship Program, and The Transitions Program. She is also the Vice-President and Chapter founder of the Global Brigades Micro-Finance Chapter.  She will be overseeing and establishing the chapter so that it can have a lasting impact on campus. This year she will be a business development intern for the UCSB Sustainability Internship Program in Geography. She will be assisting in laying the groundwork for establishing the Sustainable Food Cart on the campus.


AllieVent_smAllie Vent is a second year Environmental Studies and Pre-Communication major. This is her first year working with UCSB sustainability, and is currently a youth educator for the Educating Leaders for the Future program. Each week she volunteers at the Arroyo Gardens in downtown Santa Barbara and teaches elementary through middle school aged children about sustainable gardening practices and the importance of being green while protecting our environment. Allie has always loved working with children and enjoys watching them grow and learn. Allie enjoys spending her free time outdoors hiking, biking, running, and doing yoga.


Headshots112Noelle Steele is a third year senior Environmental Studies major at UC Santa Barbara, and the current Economic Development Coordinator for UCSB Sustainability. Last year, most of her internship involved researching best practice methods for creating sustainable jobs in Santa Barbara County, which led to the Green Jobs Summit in May 2013. After the summit, Noelle began work on two economic development initiatives, the Buy Local Campaign and Youth Development Campaign. The Buy Local Campaign is aimed at increasing the amount of local purchasing from government agencies and businesses in the county, and the Youth Development Project partners with existing job development programs to increase resource availability and create publicity. Noelle spoke at the 2013 Central Coast Sustainability Summit about her Buy Local Campaign as well. Along with her internship with UCSB Sustainability, Noelle is also a member of Delta Delta Delta, serving as both House Manager and Panhellenic Delegate, and Greeks Gone Green, serving as VP Administration. She is currently working on her senior thesis, which will explore coastal management practices in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii. Noelle’s other interests include urban planning, sustainable design and costal protection. She loves to stand up paddle board, run on the beach, and write.

Zac TrafnyZac Trafny Zac Trafny is a fourth year Sociology and Communication double major committed to integrating the values of sustainability into the local community by collaborating with its members. Last year, much of his work with UCSB Sustainability centered on the creation of a community-wide platform for volunteer management and mobilization, the Partners in Environment. Drawing from ideas generated by local volunteer managers and volunteers themselves, the foundations of this program began to take shape, and the continuation of this work will be one main project during the 2013-2014 academic year. Additionally, Zac works with many of UCSB’s on campus organizations via the ECOalition to catalog and monitor their sustainable projects in progress, planning, and those already completed. This effort helps to coordinate campus-wide events and keeps all members of UCSB’s environmentally-minded cohort working together.

Brittany TseBrittany Tse is a third year at UC Santa Barbara working towards her degree in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Earth Science. Throughout her college experience, Brittany has been very involved in increasing environmental awareness within her university and community. In her first year at UCSB, Brittany spent a lot of time learning about and educating students and the local community on energy efficiency as an Energy Service Corps Intern, the Environmental Awareness Chair for Anacapa Residence Hall, and as a member of AS Environmental Affairs Board. In her second year, Brittany was a UCSB Residential Dining Environmental Sustainability Intern and got involved with UCSB’s US Green Building Council where she discovered her passion for the green building industry. During the summer of 2013, Brittany had the opportunity to be attend the CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference as a moderator. It was during this conference, at a DesignShift competition that Brittany solidified her prospect of pursuing a career in integrative sustainable building design.
Brittany continues her efforts in sustainability as a PACES Green Office Coordinator, Co-Chair of UCSB’s USGBC Student Group, and a Resident Assistant in the freshman dorms. After graduating in 2014, Brittany intends to earn her LEED GA certification, study abroad in Europe to learn more about the green building industry, and finally come back to UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science and Management to get her master’s with a specialization in Corporate Environmental Management.

Kevin VarzandehKevin Varzandeh is a fourth year environmental studies major with an emphasis in writing at UC Santa Barbara. His interests include sustainable urban design, human ecology, and nutrition. As a junior, Kevin studied abroad in Copenhagen where he was inspired by the city’s widespread use of clean energy and sustainability programs. When he graduates, he hopes to pursue a career applying these examples to cities in America to make them more livable and sustainable.  Currently, Kevin is a caller for the UCSB Annual Fund and the academic chair for Theta Nu Kappa.


Carl Greenfield, Intern

Carl Greenfield is a third year double major in Environmental Studies and Global Studies. He is interested in sustainable development as well as local green initiatives. Carl is currently in the process of establishing an Environmental Brigades chapter at UCSB which emphasizes the need for reforestation, sustainable agriculture, waste management and education in rural communities in developing nations.  In the summer of 2012, he studied global change and international governance in Geneva, Switzerland through UCLA’s Department of Urban Planning. This year, Carl will work as the Curriculum Intern focusing on establishing an environmental general education requirement as well as supporting faculty to incorporate sustainability into new courses.

Ryan Hitzler is a fourth-year environmental studies major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His hobbies include surfing, hiking, snowboarding, swimming, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities. He played water polo for 7 years and loves being in the water. With much of his free time spent outdoors, he has firsthandedly  seen how the environment has been changed by human behavior. This is why he has chosen to merge my passion and my studies in hopes of helping not only the environment, but also giving future generations the opportunity to enjoy what he has experienced.

Karen HouselKaren Housel is a third-year undergrad studying Environmental Science. Karen volunteered as a Teacher’s Assistant at Isla Vista’s Children’s Center to help children from underprivileged families. Karen also interned on Sands Beach last summer as a Snowy Plover Docent and currently works as Supervisor at the Corner Store on UCSB campus.  This year she is a Sustainable Research Intern, where she will facilitate conversations between researchers and highlight sustainable research being done at UCSB. Karen hopes to someday use her passions for sustainability and women’s rights to provide access to family planning centers and contraceptives in third world countries.  Karen is also interested in doing lab work and research on coastal ecosystems.


Whitney Jones is a fourth year Hydrology major with a physical-chemical emphasis. In the summer of 2011, Whitney worked as an intern for Sustainable Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization that uses multi-stakeholder collaboration to promote resource conservation and environmental improvement. During the 2012-2013 school year she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through the UC Education Abroad Program. While abroad she worked in a wastewater treatment analysis lab, learned Spanish, and traveled throughout Europe. Earlier this year Whitney worked for Santa Barbara Audubon doing restoration work at Coal Oil Point Reserve as part of a larger effort to improve wildlife habitat surrounding Devereux Slough. She aims to pursue a career that promotes conservation of the environment through sustainable resource use.

Navkiran Kaur, or Navi, is a third year Black Studies and Sociology double major. She is a member of the Student Commission on Racial Equality, as well as a Student Assistant at the UCSB MultiCultural Center. This year, she will also be serving as one of the Event Coordinators for the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. Navi has a passion for environmental justice, particularly in regards to communities of color. Navi hopes to continue to work for the underrepresented and strives to build community and empower the underprivileged and underrepresented.