The Dining Common Internship program works with the University’s Dining Services to improve current sustainable practices. Student interns research assigned projects, collect and input data, and provide recommendations to Dining services. Examples of projects that student interns work on include Sustainability Week, a week long celebration focusing on sustainable efforts where interns table in the dining commons educate students about sustainable food initiatives; Seafood Day, a program where interns educate students about the Dining Service’s sustainable seafood program and engage with students on the importance of purchasing sustainable fish; and Earth Day, a program where interns educate students about a climate-friendly diet. In addition to tabling in the Dining Commons, student interns also develop educational brochures and PowerPoint slides for the programs. Student interns also assists in tracking dining utilities, such as the amount water, gas, electric, and food waste that are used by the Dining Services. This data is used to help the Dining Services work towards achieving more sustainable practices and to remain Green Business Certified. The students most effected by the Dining Commons Internship program are the students who have an active meal plan on campus and are directly exposed to the education opportunities provided by the Dining Services.

Interns also table once per month during Green Mondays when interns engage with students about the nutritional and environmental benefits of consuming a vegetarian meal.