LabSYNC Point C-4

Problem: Unused chemicals are being labeled as waste when labs are done using them.

Solution: If you know of a nearby lab that uses that chemical, offer it to them free of charge. If not, departmental listserves are another easy way to offer up unused chemicals. Moreover the same people that pick up your waste will pick up chemicals to be re-distributed. Alternatively, you could donate your unused chemicals to the Chemical Exchange Program.

Cost: Unlike waste, unused chemicals cannot be mixed with other similar chemicals. Also the integrity of the chemicals needs to be uncompromised. There is no monetary incentive for donating unused chemicals.

Benefits: Donating chemicals is a good way for labs to network and increase communication between groups. This can enable future exchanges in equipment, chemicals, or even research techniques. Savings for recipients are immediate.

*This program is only able to receive from and deliver chemicals to UCSB laboratories. This program cannot deliver chemicals to any other schools, colleges, universities or other non-UCSB entities. If you are interested in starting a similar program at your institution, please contact and we would be happy to share our experiences and advice.