This panel will focus on AB 1826 and the challenges to and the necessary components for the successful implementation of food scrap recycling programs. The presenters have experience in both the public and the private sector, and their experience ranges from the crafting of an AB 1826 compliance plan to the nuts-and-bolts of collecting the material to the end stage of making its beneficial reuse a reality.


Dan Rowell
Environmental Specialist, City of Santa Barbara, Environmental Services Division

Dan Rowell was born in Santa Monica but has spent the majority of his life here in Santa Barbara. He grew up in the local school system and went to Dos Pueblos High School. He then made the long journey across the 101 freeway to attend UC Santa Barbara. After three and a half years he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Technology Management and Professional Business Writing.
During his time at UC Santa Barbara he was a Management Intern, and an hourly employee for the Environmental Services Division before jumping into his full time role as a Recycling Coordinator in August 2015. In February 2017, Dan got promoted to his current role in the Division as an Environmental Specialist. Dan has dedicated the first phase of his professional career to solid waste management at the City of Santa Barbara’s Environmental Services Division where he manages the outreach team responsible to develop and maintain the City’s diversion programs for recycling, greenwaste, and foodscraps. He is also involved with the City’s Land Development Review Team to aid in the evaluation of building permit applications to ensure sufficient solid waste consideration and enclosure design. Outside of work Dan loves to get into nature as a self-proclaimed “Modern Outdoorsman”. From backpacking, surfing, kayaking, skiing… he enjoys all adventure. He has also spent over 18 years playing competitive soccer, and is always interested to jump out on the pitch.

Mark Rousseau
Asst. Director, Energy & Environmental Services, Residential, Residential Operations, & Auxiliary Enterprises, UCSB

Mark manages the Energy and Environmental programs for Residential Operations at UCSB. He’s been working on utility management (energy, water, recycling, compost, trash and alt fuels), resource conservation and efficiency at UCSB for 22 years. He worked with Residential Dining to start composting pre and post-consumer food waste in four dining commons. This generates up to 20 tons of material per week.
Prior to UCSB, Rousseau has a Master’s in Resource Development from Michigan State University and Biochemistry from UCSD. He’s worked in the environmental consulting field and in the Philippines with the US Peace Corp.

Bill Camarillo
CEO, Agromin

Bill Camarillo is CEO of Agromin in Oxnard, one of the largest organic recyclers in California He remains passionate after more than 25 years in the industry, playing a key role in creating a more sustainable future through organics conversion. All of Agromin’s over 200 eco-friendly organic soil products–which range across the retail, agriculture, landscape and energy sectors–are the result of converting over 400,000 tons of organic materials each year. Agromin is one of California’s leaders in food waste recycling technology and has introduced products with biochar that reduce water usage. It operates facilities throughout southern California.
Bill currently sits on several nonprofit boards including the Ventura County Economic Development Association (former board chair), Gold Coast Veterans Foundation, University of California/Channel Islands Business Advisory Council, California Lutheran University Board of Regents and the California Compost Coalition.

Thomas Chiarodit
Senior Program Specialist, County of Santa Barbara Public Works Department, Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division

Thomas worked as the recycling coordinator and contract manager for E.J. Harrison & Sons in Ventura County for 16 years. For the last 10 years he switched hats to the public sector and manages solid waste franchises for the County of Santa Barbara. He has established a food scrap route led by the County with the City of Goleta, and oversee3 AB 1826 compliance for the County.