LabSYNC Point T-3 and T-4

Problems: Inappropriate disposal of techno trash in the wrong containers or locations.

Solution: Help your lab occupants know where to appropriately throw away their laboratory’s techno trash. Establish a bin or box within your lab where techno-trash can be collected with signage above it describing the closest techno trash locations to transfer the materials to when full Techno trash includes: batteries, Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead Acid, cell Phones,  CD’s, DVD’s, diskettes, audio and video tapes, PDA’s, pagers, handheld games , MP3 players ,ink jet cartridges ,toner cartridges

Computer Cables Large materials like PCs and Monitors are not allowed in Technotrash and for those items items: Call and leave a message at A.S. Recycling (805) 893-7765. The techno trash coordinator will come and pick it up

Light Bulbs are extremely fragile and pose a threat to the student workers who collect the E-waste.  Please dispose of these with Environmental, Health and Safety. You can visit their website for more information, Environmental Health and Services, or call them at (805) 893-7534.

Benefits:Help reduce  the impact of waste that could possibly emit chemicals into the environment to create a cleaner and healthier envrironement.

Costs: None.