Healthy Campus Coordination Internship

Due Date: Primary consideration given for students that apply by October 3rd.

Wages: $14/hr.; Must be either Work study or eligible for the Monarch Scholarship/Internship Program.  For Monarch Scholars, please contact for more details on the alternative version of this internship that is available for Monarch Scholars.
Hours: 8-10 hours/week
Start date: Mid-October

Commitment dates: Fall 2018 through Spring 2019
Primary Department: UCSB Sustainability


The UCSB Sustainability Program and the UCSB Healthy Campus Network seek an undergraduate student to help coordinate the work of the Healthy Campus Network (HCN).  HCN aims to make UC the healthiest place to live, work, and learn.  It does this through looking at a variety of issues including: emotional and psychological health, environmental health, financial health, physical health, professional and academic health, and social and cultural health. The HCN coalition includes a twenty-five person steering committee and five sub-committees.  In total, over 100 people participate in the work of these committees from departments spread across the campus.   This intern will learn how to create change within a large institution.  We will apply principles of community-based organizing to engage students, staff, and faculty to participate in coalition efforts aimed at creating a healthier campus. We will work within the structure and professional environment of the university to create long-lasting change.


  • Keep track of the existing efforts to make UCSB the healthiest place to live, work and learn. This will build off of these asset maps for students: and for staff and faculty:
  • Assist sub-committees and steering committee in accomplishing their goals as described on this site:
  • Develop a communications plan for the Healthy Campus Network;
  • Track the progress of the funded projects and committee initiatives and reporting back to the steering committee and sub-committees;
  • Assist funded projects that run into challenges during the implementation of their projects.  This could include coordination with members of the HCN coalition that may have needed expertise;
  • Build coalitions and outreach to potential new partners;
  • Draft mid-year and annual reports on the work of the Healthy Campus Network;
  • Develop outreach materials about the Healthy Campus Network;
  • Write grants to support the goals of the Healthy Campus Network; and
  • Administrative tasks and scheduling for the steering committee, sub-committees, and other efforts of HCN.

Minimum Requirements

  • Independent thinker capable of collaborating to design and implement programs and practices;
  • Professional in written and verbal communications;
  • Experience with professional writing;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects at the same time;
  • Interest in learning how to make change from within a large institution;
  • Excited to work with people who hold different values and political beliefs to come up with creative solutions that are amenable to the concerns of diverse constituencies;
  • Diplomatic and openness to consider multiple perspectives on a given issue; and
  • Detail-oriented.

Preferred Requirements

  • Knowledge of health issues;
  • Experience organizing large groups of people; and
  • Experience with committee work.

To Apply

Please read all of the instructions for this program and the job posting carefully in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being selected.  Submit a resume, cover letter, and Fall class schedule to Katie Maynard by the application deadline at the top of this posting.

UCSB Career Services offers support and advising in writing résumés. Please consider taking advantage of their generous services, especially if this is the first time you have written a résumé.

Please ensure that when you apply the subject line of your email and your email body indicate clearly that you are applying for the “HCN Coordination Intern”.  We have several positions currently open ranging across multiple programs.

For More Information
Please email Katie Maynard, after having read the above information thoroughly.

Please also note that we  have several other positions available as well, please see the full list at: