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Freezer Week: Ways to Participate

Competition Description

You can choose which Freezer Week activities make sense for your lab’s much appreciated participation. We realize that these activities require effort and we hope that your lab will join in because it not only benefits the campus’ energy use (Carbon footprint); but it will also help improve your long-term sample storage and extend the life of your vitally important (and expensive) Freezers. It is important to note that a ‘full’ freezer runs more efficiently and if your samples do not take up a whole freezer, perhaps you could loan space to another PI or fill the empty space with frozen water jugs (or any sealed box that displaces air). The more full your freezer, the less your compressor must work to cool the air and the longer it will last! Similarly, raising the temperature in your ULT freezer requires the compressor to work less which should result in a longer lasting freezer.

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Sign Up for Freezer Week Here!

  • Freezer Clean Out
  • – Clean out old and unused samples as well as any built up frost!

    – If you sign up to clean your freezer during UCSB’s Freezer Month, we will provide an extra pair of hands if you need it, AND bring you fresh, hot pizza to fuel your efforts.

  • Develop An Inventorying System
  • -You will gain extra points if you enter your samples on a searchable database. An Excel worksheet works, or you may find a company that offers software for you to use. An Excel page with inventory listings will be acceptable as well.

  • Implement Room Temperature Sample Storage (RTSS)
  • – A switch to room temperature storage will not only result in obvious energy savings but also better security for the researcher’s samples since it will avoid the dependence on continuous electricity or a freezer.

  • Freezer ChillUP
  • – Colder is not always better! Most samples do not require -80C for safe storage; -70C or warmer is sufficient. ChillUP encourages users to raise their freezer set-point 10°C (or more) for at least 6 months. Another easy way to participate is to help participate in the campaign to say say “Ultra Low Freezer” rather than “-80 Freezer.”

  • Retire, Share, Or Upgrade Your Freezer
  • – If possible, retiring your freezer would help save massive amounts of energy! Also, sharing your freezer with other labs helps to reduce freezer demand. Equipment Upgrade is the replacement of an old unit with a certified energy efficient one.