Room Temperature Sample Storage (RTSS)

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Researchers now have the ability to store DNA, RNA, and materials saved for later extraction of DNA and RNA at room temperature for the long term or short term. Presently most DNA and RNA samples are typically stored in freezers by researchers. However, a switch to room temperature storage will not only result in obvious energy savings but also better security for the researcher’s samples since it will avoid the dependence on continuous electricity or a freezer, both of which could fail.

Qiagen is offering to help pilot room temperature storage.

QIAsafe DNA Tubes and 96-Well Plates

• For room temperature storage of DNA

• Protection and stabilization of DNA at room temperature

• Convenient archiving and shipping of DNA

• Stability for all DNA (e.g., genomic DNA, plasmids, cosmids, PCR products, etc.)

• Easy DNA recovery

• High-integrity DNA with no PCR inhibition, suitable for any application

Principles and procedure: (For additional reference)

After the initial pilot, where labs use the product for several weeks (or longer), Qiagen will set up a lunch discussion where those involved in the pilot can discuss their thoughts on Room Temperature Storage and continuation of its use.