Laboratory Sustainability Coordinator

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Hours Per Week: 10-12 Hrs.
Wage: $14/hr.
Preferred start date: Summer or Fall 2018
Commitment date: Must be available to participate through June 2019
Primary Department: UCSB Sustainability

Description of the Internship:

Student interns in the LabRATS Program assist laboratories by identifying ways that they could improve the environmental impact of their research operations. Students will visit researchers in a wide variety of departments, learning about instrumentation and experimentation in diverse fields of study.

LabRATS prides itself on working on the weird problems – Can you compost Agar? What is the most energy efficient fly incubator? How could you run an autoclave with less water? If you are someone who likes applying your knowledge to new and interesting problems, this program is for you!

This intern will provide general support to the LabRATS program and assist with several new and expanding programs.  In addition to laboratory assessments, interns in our program will compare laboratory equipment to identify the most efficient models, encourage laboratories to use more water efficient methodologies and equipment, and explore options for recycling atypical materials such as laboratory gloves.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Communicating sustainability information to researchers.  This may include presentations at scheduled meetings or seminars, and door to door lab visits;
  • Creating guidebooks and web content to communicate sustainability policies, practices, and resources as they relate to researchers;
  • Energy metering of laboratory equipment;
  • Research into alternative laboratory methodologies and practices; and
  • Evaluating laboratory practices through assessments.  This is something you will be trained on the job for and are not expected to know how to do in advance.

The students will meet with a project advisor at least once a week for consistent and ongoing mentorship and one on one training.  In addition this, the selected student will frequently meet with professional staff in the field, faculty with expertise in this area, student leaders, and other campus and community stakeholders to receive feedback and further guidance.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Independent thinker capable of collaborating to design and implement programs and practices;
  • Must be pursuing either a major or minor in the natural sciences, engineering, or pursing a BS in Environmental Studies at UCSB;
  • Has taken at least one laboratory class or worked/volunteered in a research lab;
  • Strong writing and editing skills;
  • Comfortable reading and synthesizing published research articles (Hint! We are likely to ask you about the most recent peer-reviewed article you have read in the interview);
  • Diplomatic and open-minded;
  • Strong note-taking skills; and
  • Strong professional communication skills.

Preferred, but Not Required or Expected

  • Knowledge of sustainable practices; and
  • Proficiency with technical writing.

To Apply

Please read all of the instructions for this program and the job posting carefully in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being selected.  Submit a resume and cover letter describing your interest in the position to by the deadline at the top of this posting. If you are eligible for work-study, please note this in the cover letter. Work-study is not required, but is preferred.  If you no longer have work study for this year, but are likely to have it next fall, please let us know that as well.

UCSB Career Services offers support and advising in writing résumés. Please consider taking advantage of their generous services, especially if this is the first time you have written a résumé.

Please ensure that when you apply the subject line of your email and your email body indicate clearly that you are applying for the “LabRATS”.  We have several positions currently open ranging across multiple programs.

For More Information
Please email Katie Maynard, after having read the above information thoroughly.

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