Micro-Grid Panel

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Matt Renner
Executive Director, World Business Academy

Brendan P. Shaffer
Senior Research Engineer
Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine

Geoffrey Danker
Senior Policy and Planning Advisor, SoCalGas

Geoff Danker is the Senior Policy & Planning Advisor at the Southern California Gas Company. In this role, Mr. Danker develops and recommends policy for SoCalGas in response to proposed regulations, legislation or emerging environmental policy issues. He manages business unit teams to assess the impact of regulation and legislation and sets SoCalGas position or appropriate response to environmental, public policy and planning matters. Prior to SoCalGas, Geoff worked as an environmental consultant providing planning, permitting and policy expertise for a variety of energy and infrastructure projects. He is currently the Vice President of Programs for the Association of Environmental Professionals, the Vice Director of Programs for the American Planning Association and a Board Member for the Young Professionals in Energy. Geoff holds a B.S. in Environmental Economics with a Minor in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Erik Takayesu, PE

Director, Electric System Planning and Modernization, Southern California Edison

Erik Takayesu is the Director of Electric System Planning for Southern California Edison. He has been with SCE for 24 years, working in the Transmission and Distribution Business. His primary responsibilities include running the grid planning organization at SCE which is responsible for the future expansion and modernization of the electric system.

As part of modernizing the electric grid, Erik has been instrumental in leading the efforts to develop SCE’s Distribution Resource Plan. His organization is also developing the strategy for enabling the electric grid to integrate Distributed Energy Resources to help meet the state’s environmental policy objectives and advance technology innovation and customer choice.

Erik has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the California State University at Long Beach, is a licensed PE, and holds his master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.


Jefferson Litten
Energy Program Manager
Community Environmental Council