CCBER offers several programs in order to reach out to the campus and surrounding communities. Programs include weekly Restoration Seminars, an Internship Program for students and volunteers, and a Kids in Nature program for the youth in the community. Additionally, the department holds museum and ecosystem management program tours and workshops, and provides support for teaching classes in several undergraduate departments on campus.

Although CCBER has reached out to the campus and the community in several ways, the department does not hold routine staff trainings. Staff training around issues such as recycling would be beneficial, as all occupants were confused about what items go in supermedia (lower quality, short fiber papers, like magazines, newspaper, etc) and what goes in office pack (high quality, long fiber papers, like copy paper). For example, most thought newspaper belonged in office pack, when it belongs in supermedia/mixed recycling. Additionally, the department had few signs reminding occupants to turn off their lights and to turn off the faucets when soaping their hands.

• Create an educational training workshop for staff around the recycling program.

• Create more signage around recycling and energy and water conservation practices.

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