CCBER has a 61.65% diversion rate, which is one of the highest diversion rates on campus. Of the “intentionally recycled” material, the department had a 100% diversion rate. The department has done a tremendous job in cutting down on the amount of waste produced, as the waste audit consisted of a very small amount of material. In addition, CCBER maintains a composting system, which makes it one of the few departments on campus to have one.

Although CCBER has a very high diversion rate, only about 30% of the department’s trash was recycled properly. Recyclable glass made up a considerable weight of the trash.

• Offer regular trainings around recycling in order to clear up any confusion about what materials are recyclable. Additionally, regular, consistent trainings will ensure that new members of CCBER are educated about proper recycling practices.

• Collaborate with other departments in the Harder Annex (i.e. Hearing and Speech), in order to share CCBER’s best practices in waste reduction and recycling.

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