Eli Krispi, Alumni Advisor, Ellison Hall Sustainability Committee; Graduate Student, City and Regional Planning, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Eli Krispi interned at UCSB from 2006 until 2009 and continues to mentor and train the Ellison Hall Sustainability Committee as an alumni advisor. While at UCSB, Eli helped to create and run several sustainability programs, including the PACES assessment program and the “Zero Waste: One Step Ahead” waste reduction campaign. He obtained degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies and currently attends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a graduate student in City and Regional Planning, focusing on sustainable urban development.

Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator, UC Santa Barbara
Katie received her B.A. in Biology from the UCSB College of Creative Studies in 2005. During her undergraduate experience, she was active in both social justice and environmental student and community organizations. Katie became a Sustainability Coordinator for UCSB in 2005; In 2006 and 2007, Katie advised a group of students who proposed a Green Business Program for Santa Barbara which has blossomed into a county-wide program led by over 30 non-profit and governmental agencies, businesses, utilities, and Chambers of Commerce; In Spring 2009 Katie became a co-founder of the PACES Program. Today, Katie is a mentor and internship supervisor to the student leaders of PACES. Katie’s broader responsibilities for UCSB, include staffing the Academic Senate Sustainability Working Group, advising LabRATS, a green laboratory certification program, managing the Sustainability Internship Program, and organizing the CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference.

Christopher Murphy, Intern, PACES; Student, English and Mathematical Sciences, UC Santa Barbara
Christopher Murphy is a third‐year undergraduate student at UCSB and co-founder of the PACES program. He is an English and Mathematical Sciences double major. Chris is the coordinator for the UCSB Composting Coalition and manages the Ellison Hall Recycling Program, a building-wide demonstration program that tests out and promotes advanced recycling practices. Chris is also a co-founder of the PACES program and helped write the grant proposal which launched the program. Chris regularly collaborates with stakeholders within the UCSB administration and helps train new student interns. In the 2009‐2010 school year, PACES performed 11 departmental assessments.

Evanne St. Charles, Intern, PACES; Student, Art History, Geography, UC Santa Barbara
Evanne St. Charles is a fourth year Art History and Geography major at UC Santa Barbara. Evanne is one of the co‐founders of PACES, the campus’ green department certification program. This past year, Evanne served as a main leader of PACES, and collaborated with Physical Facilities in order to create a Sustainable Purchasing Policy and a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. Through her work with the Campus Sustainability Committee and the Environmental Affairs Board, Evanne has played a key role in the collaboration between administrators and students in order to accomplish environmental campaigns, particularly those emphasizing Environmental Justice.