The Building Occupant Survey is sent out electronically to all faculty, graduate students, and staff (anyone who regularly uses an office space in the department) by the department’s Business Officer or other administrative staff to help ensure a higher response rate. The survey focuses on the individual’s behavior, attitude, and knowledge of policies and available resources.

There are two main goals for the building occupant survey:

  1. To learn about behavioral choices that we can’t collect data on with our other tools, for instance we need them occupants to tell us what form of transportation they used to get to work because we don’t track that data in other ways.
  2. To learn why building occupants are making the choices they are.

The building occupant survey is not meant to be a tool to evaluate the individual. It is a tool to judge whether the campus and the department are providing the necessary resources and motivation to enable building occupants to make the changes PACES is promoting.

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