A team of interns enters every room within the department to collect data on department equipment and to interview the building occupants. The interns are typically accompanied by a Business Officer, who has authority to access all rooms in the department, describe the use of each room, and introduce the interns to the occupants. You can do this without the business officer to reduce impact on staff time for the department, however this means you will have to extrapolate the data based on the sub-section of offices that were open when you visited them. Extrapolating is reasonable for departments where most of the offices are likely to be occupied/open during the audit. Departments where offices are only occupied during office hours (a few hours a week) should be audited with someone that is authorized to unlock doors.

PACES interns collect information on the number and types of electronics in a room. This includes information about the type of lighting, whether any equipment is Energy Star certified, and what sort of energy saving features (if any) are enabled. PACES interns also look at cleaning supplies being used to identify where harmful chemicals can be replaced with more environmentally conscious alternatives.

Determining what equipment to take data on can often be a challenge. PACES interns look for equipment that is unusual or is likely to use a lot of energy. Most heating and cooling devices fall into the later category. Interns also take data on the electricity consumption of all refrigerators and freezers since the energy use varies so greatly between models and year.

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