At the end of the data collection and analysis processes, a presentation is given to the occupants of the department. The presentation highlights basic findings along with simple and effective recommendations. During the presentation, Interns focus on both where their strengths lie, as well as point out areas that could be improved. Departments may choose different methods for their presentations (or a combination there of).

Integration: Interns will present their PowerPoint at staff and/or faculty meetings of the department. This is a great way to ensure full participation of important stakeholders. The challenges include that time is usually limited to 15min or less, it often takes a long time to schedule this, and other key stakeholders may be missing (for instance graduate students who use the building regularly).

Symposium: The department and PACES interns will collaborate to advertise a one hour talk on the methodology and findings of the program. By framing this as an academic talk, PACES is able to gain broad interest across the department. This is ideally integrated into the department’s standard symposium series. The main challenge with this is that attendance is optional and the audience is more likely to be already invested in environmental action.

Email: This is the least effective way if done as the sole way to communicate with a department. In some cases, PACES has sent out its findings by email due to concerns over taking up staff time in a meeting.

It is important to reach as many people as possible with our information, so each method should be considered when giving the presentation to the department.

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