The Ellison Hall Sustainability Committee (EHSC)

EHSC originated through the collaboration of faculty, staff, and students representing six academic departments in Ellison Hall. The EHSC works to improve sustainability within the building by focusing on behavioral change, and has worked on numerous issues such as recycling, energy efficiency, and purchasing. Ellison Hall has held the highest waste diversion rate of any building on campus for two years consecutively and is well known by other departments for their energy efficiency measures. Recently several of the departments who co-founded EHSC have now moved to new buildings and are spreading Ellison’s best practices across campus.

Associated Students Recycling (ASR)

ASR is a program funded and operated by UCSB students to provide an efficient and lasting recycling infrastructure at the UCSB campus. ASR manages the on-campus recycling program and are a critical source of information and resources for recycling. Since spring 2000, ASR has run the annual Green Awards, which recognizes departments that have taken a lead in recycling and sustainability.

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