Renewable & Alternative Energy Research

Research Groups

Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) - UCSB

Current Projects and Collaborations

IEE — Solar Cells: At UC Santa Barbara, research based on the Nobel-Prize winning discoveries of Alan. J. Heeger is directed toward developing solar cells that can be painted, printed and mass-produced like newspapers or even woven into clothing.

IEE — Storage: The objectives are to develop new materials that overcome the power density and stability limitations faced by existing state-of-the-art materials in the conversion and storage of electrochemical energy. Emphasis is focused on fuel cells, lithium and ion flow batteries, and ultracapacitors and electrodes.

IEE — Thermoelectronics: Institute researchers are modifying materials to improve their thermoelectric performance.

Individuals ( * indicates affiliation with IEE)

Guillermo Bazan
Chemistry: Organometallics for cheap solar cells, design of catalysts to convert petroleum feedstocks into useful organic intermediates.

Ted Bergstrom*
Economics: Energy policy and economics; IEE Economics & Policy Solutions Group

Steven Buratto*
Chemistry: Nanoparticles and chemicals in the environment; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Michael Chabinyc*
Engineering: Materials for flexible electronics and energy storage and conversion; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Bradley Chmelka*
Engineering: Energy efficient chemical engineering; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Peter Ford
Chemistry: New methodologies for the conversion of renewable resources, such as biomass, to fuels and more chemical precursors

Glenn Fredrickson*
Chemical Engineering: Energy efficient computing; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Deborah Fygenson
Physics: Biophysics; biomaterials

Arthur Gossand*
Computer Science: Energy efficient computing and engineering

Craig Hawker*
Chemistry & Biochemistry: 

Alan Heeger*
Physics: Light emission from semiconducting polymers, including  photoluminescence, light-emitting diodes, light-emitting electrochemical cells, and lasers. Solving climate change with innovative technologies. IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group.

William Kaska
Chemistry: Carbon dioxide capture and hydrocarbon modification for use as energy

Charles Kolstad
Economics/ Bren: Environmental economics and its role in climate change and energy markets

Gary Leal*
Chemical Engineering: Energy efficient production and storage; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Melvyn Manalis
Environmental Studies: Integrated energy planning; industrial ecology; green nuclear energy

Eric Matthys
Engineering: Alternative energy engineering – biofuels, concentrated solar cells

Eric McFarland
Engineering: Combinatorial chemistry to investigate new photocatalytic systems for energy production

Horia Metiu*
Chemistry: Energy efficient production and storage; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Thuc-Quyen Nguyen
Chemistry: Organic photovoltaics

George Odette*
Engineering: Energy efficient production and storage;IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Eric Smith
Political Science: Environmental politics, public opinion, and elections, toward offshore oil development, nuclear power, wind power, energy crises, and climate change.

Frank Spera
Earth Science: Magma dynamics; properties of magmas; volcanology and geomaterials; geothermal and hydrothermal studies

Galen Stucky
 Chemistry & Biochemistry: Research focuses on the design, synthesis and characterization of new materials with an emphasis on understanding interface and nucleation chemistry. Research also includes biomimiciry, photovoltaics, and methane conversion.

Sangwon Suh
Bren: Research includes how materials and energy are extracted from nature, life-cycle analysis of materials.

Theofanis Theofanous
Engineering: Risk assessment and management in complex technological and environmental systems.

Richard Watts
Chemistry: Utilization of solar energy for production of chemical fuels.

Frank Wudl*
Chemistry: Plastic solar cells; energy efficient production and storage; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group

Francis Zok*
Engineering: Energy efficient production and storage; IEE Production & Storage Solutions Group