LabSYNC Point E-C0, E-C1, E-C2

Problem: Monitors in general use a significant amount of energy. Complex screensavers can cause the computer to draw even more electricity.

Solution: Turn screensavers off and instead, instruct your monitor to enter power save mode in periods of non-use.

Benefit: According to ENERGY STAR, using power-save features can save up to $30 each year. When taking into account the average number of hours a person works as well as an average of a six week vacation, it is observed that the power save mode can save up to 407 kWh and reduce power usage by 73%. The power save mode would also prevent 500-800 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and save $60 yearly.

Cost: There is no cost to your lab for using these features.

 LabSYNC: Participants in the assessment may receive points for signing the pledge to use power save features that is attached to your LabSYNC report.