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Program: Food Cart Working Group (See description below)

Position: (2) Business Development Interns

Deadline for Applications: open until filled

Supervising Agency:
UCSB Sustainability Internship Program, Department of Geography


Academic Credit Available for upper division standing students: Up to 4 units per quarter depending on major and eligibility.

Program Description:

Associated Students Business Services and the UCSB Sustainability Internship Program seek students who are interested in social and ecological entrepreneurship opportunities. With the advice and guidance of the Associated Students (AS) Business Services, and staff advisors, the Business Development Intern will lay the groundwork for establishing the Sustainable Food Cart on the campus.

Inspired by UC Berkeley’s Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED), The Food Cart Working Group (FCWG) was established by a group of students dedicated to changing our campus food system through better practices of sustainability. FCWG’s goal is to establish a student-run food cart on campus that embodies cooperative principles, provides healthy, satisfying and affordable food that supports our communities and fosters a deeper relationship with the earth and the food we eat. FCWG seeks to create a hub for food education for the UCSB campus and the surrounding community.

This internship will be a part of the UCSB Sustainability Internship Program based in the Geography department. Academic credit is available through Environmental Studies as well as many other academic departments. The UCSB Sustainability Internship Program acts as an incubator space – creating the space, mentorship, and resources to support students in developing, executing, and maintaining innovative initiatives in partnership with staff, faculty, and community members.

Responsibilities of Interns:
The Business Development Intern(s) will be responsible for building a base of support for the Student Food Collective and the food cart, completing a feasibility study and business plan for the food cart, working with key stakeholders to develop an organizational and decision making structure for the cart, and fundraising. Students that are interested in business will have the opportunity to build a small enterprise from the ground up and learn how to work through regulatory challenges to successfully launch a business.

Specific tasks will include:

Building Support
• Recruit new student volunteers and student leaders to support the Student Food Collective
• Build and Maintain relationships with key student leaders and campus departments

Feasibility and Business Plan
• Review draft feasibility studies and complete feasibility assessment. Seek feedback on feasibility assessment from key stakeholders.
• Review drafted business plan. Compare to models that are currently working well. Develop a more complete business plan and seek feedback from key stakeholders.
• Collaborate with AS Business Services to develop a mutually agreed upon governance structure.

• Identify and apply for potential income/donation sources through grant-writing, private donations, and fundraising events to cover costs in the years before the cart will make enough money to cover its own costs.

• The Business Development Intern will be responsible for keeping detailed records throughout the development of the food cart to ensure that all key decisions are well documented and that the history is preserved for the next group of student leaders.


• Strong communication skills and a professional demeanor;
• Creativity and confidence in approaching new tasks that are unfamiliar to the candidate;
• Curiosity and willingness to learn on the job;
• Strong writing and editing skills;
• Ability to work independently as well as in groups;
• Dedicated to the ideals of Sustainability;
• Experience with detail-oriented work and multi-tasking;
• Must be available during interview dates (see schedule below);
• Must be available to fulfill internship position through the 2014-2015 UCSB academic year;
• Must not be going abroad for the entire 2014-2015 UCSB academic year;

• Must be available to work at least 10hrs/wk throughout internship tenure.

Preferred, but NOT required
• Experience launching a new project on campus (could be a new student organization or project);
• Experience with developing business plan development;
• Knowledge of sustainability from coursework or experience; and
• Experience with UCSB campus administration and Associated Students.

Instructions to Apply
Please read and follow the below instructions carefully.
1) Review the internship posting;
2) Send the following documents to Katie Maynard asap. The subject line of your email should read “FCWG – Internship Application – Your Last Name”. Applications will only be accepted in Microsoft Word or PDF form.

a) Cover Letter (Check out Career Services’ tips on writing cover letters and résumés).
b) Résumé (Check out Career Services’ résumés and cover letters)

UCSB Career Services offers support and advising in writing cover letters and résumés. Please consider taking advantage of their generous services, especially if this is the first time you have written a résumé or cover letter.