Edible Campus Program  
Small Scale Food Production Research Assistant

Position Closed, Please visit our current postings page for openings.

Hours Per Week: 10-12 Hrs.
Wage: $14/hr.
Primary Department: UCSB Sustainability
Supervision: UCSB Sustainability and Associated Students

Description of Internship
The Edible Campus Program seeks an undergraduate student to research and compile information on sustainable urban and suburban agricultural models that could be used on the UCSB campus.  Specific research will include compiling information on plant varieties, growing needs, and production potential associated with diverse strategies.  This research will be used in the design and implementation of a new student farm to be started in January 2017.  Please see the background section for more details on the project.  The internship will involve significant literature review as well as some hands-on work in an experimental garden plot.


  • Research strategies for dense urban gardening to identify opportunities for high production in small spaces.
  • Compile information on Santa Barbara climate, gardening strategies successful in the local area, and planting/harvesting timelines for regional varieties.
  • Beginning with a list of approved fruits and vegetables, develop a comprehensive guide describing each in terms of plant type (vine, tree, shrub, etc), growing season, water, temperature and light needs, symbiotic plants, etc.
  • Develop a garden layout plan that maximizes production while still providing variety and educational opportunities
  • Experiment with new growing techniques in a community garden plot by managing soil, planting, watering, weeding, garden layout, structural solutions, plant pairings, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Minimum Requirements

  • Has a strong sense of curiosity and creativity;
  • Has knowledge of a variety of gardening/farming techniques;
  • Experienced in conducting research, reading peer-reviewed journals, and identifying quality source material;
  • Capable of performing moderate physical labor (gardening);
  • Has a passion for sustainable food and food equity issues; and
  • Is highly organized and able to work independently with regular check-ins.

Preferred Requirements

  • Environmental Studies or Biology (can be substituted with extensive gardening experience.); and
  • Experience working on a farm or substantial urban garden.

The Edible Campus Project aims to address local food insecurity by repurposing underutilized spaces for food production, turning waste into food, and engaging students as growers and producers. Co-led by the AS Department of Public Worms, AS Food Bank, and UCSB Sustainability Programs, this project will empower the campus community, especially students, to be responsible stewards and leaders of our food system. We will train students in practices that address social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability and help them to reclaim their personal connection to the land and their food.

For the past year, the Edible Campus Project has been working to secure and develop a student farm space on campus. To date, efforts have concentrated on finding an approved location and writing important health and safety protocols and procedures.  We hope to receive approval on the location in August. Fall quarter will be spent designing the farm and finalizing construction plans.  We hope to open a bare bones version of the farm in January 2017.

To Apply

Please read all of the instructions for this program and the job posting carefully in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being selected.  Submit a resume and cover letter describing your interest in the position to sarahs@as.ucsb.edu by August 22, 2016.  If you are eligible for work-study, please note this in the cover letter. Work-study is not required, but is preferred.

UCSB Career Services offers support and advising in writing résumés. Please consider taking advantage of their generous services, especially if this is the first time you have written a résumé.

Please ensure that when you apply the subject line of your email and your email body indicate clearly that you are applying for the “ECP – Small Scale Food Production Research Assistant”.  We have several positions currently open ranging across multiple programs.

For More Information
Please email Sarah Siedschlag, sarahs@as.ucsb.edu after having read the above information thoroughly.