Short Term 2012- 2014

  • Influence the design of Henley Hall through participation on the building committee.
  • Relaunch the LabRATS assessment process.
  • Document best practices from campus shops.  Ensure that recycling is tracked for campus waste management plan.
  • Collaborate with Art Studio, the PACES program, and other key campus stakeholders on a variety of sustainability programs:
    • Develop a course module in partnership with Art Studio faculty on designing for deconstruction and recycling to be offered in three dimensional design courses.
  • Offer a workshop or seminar on good laboratory management practices.
  •  Identify a way to recycle, reuse, or eliminate at least two waste streams that we are not currently recycling.
  • Maintain a regularly updated website that is a resource to other campuses.
  • Partner with the Bren SmartSource Project to establish purchasing practices and recommendations for laboratories.
  • Finalize text for integrating LabRATS program into national granting agency submittals.
  • Establish a venue where researchers come together to regularly communicate, “Lab Manager’s Tea Team”
  • Develop guidelines for standard laboratory practices.
  • Launch new recycling program for labs.
  • Launch national best practice/case study website.

Mid Term 2014-2020

  • Develop a regular series of laboratory management classes.
  • Expand on recycling program launched in 2012-2014.

Long Term 2020-2050

  • Develop a full laboratory management training program.
  • Develop an outstanding Green Chemistry Program.

Ongoing Programs

In addition the the goals for new programs above, our number one goal is to maintain existing programs that have worked well in the past.

  • Offer introduction to laboratory buildings course module through guest lectures.
  • Maintain surplus chemical program website.
  • Offer laboratory assessments.
  • Provide advice and consultations to researchers developing sustainable solutions for their lab space.
  • Help to moderate the Green Labs Planning Group National Google Group and DropBox Folder  in partnership with other campuses.
  • Provide advice and consultations to other campuses starting or expanding their own laboratory sustainability programs.
  • Regularly share best practices at national and international conferences.