• Added MTD bus line 28 (8/17).
  • Contracted and hosted a Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle from 9/27/16-10/25/16 for faculty and staff to test drive.
  • In partnership with the City of Santa Barbara, the County of Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Waterfront, the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, The Audacious Foundation, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara City College Foundation, MTD, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, the Community Environmental Council, and the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, completed crafting the South Coast Bike Share Feasibility Report (5/17)
    With this same partnership group, completed the Request for Information (RFI) call and are currently finalizing the selection process for a bike share vendor.
  • Hosted Ojo scooter demo’s for students to test for one week (5/17).
  • Designed an out-of-the-box approach to travel that could significantly reduce campus Scope 3 GHG emissions from travel and commuting with minimal capital investment. The pilot will provide one folding electric bike for faculty and staff to check out and use on University travel (providing a multimodal option while in transit) and will be a working partnership with Campus Sustainability, AS Bike Shop, Risk Management, and Transportation & Parking Services.
  • 93% of our students commute to and from the campus using alternative transportation methods.
  • The campus currently has 28 electric charging stations.
  • Outsourced vanpool fleet to vRide/Enterprise.
  • 10% of our fleet is now ZEV/LEV.
  • Five of our 6 recent purchases have been EV – our fleet mix is current 41% alternative fuel.
  • 84% of our light duty trucks are alternative fuel and/or ultra-efficient vehicles.