Team Mission

To make UCSB a zero waste university by ensuring waste management programs and practices effectively promote the reuse, reduction, recycling, and repurposing of items, as well as encourage the rebuying of recycled material.


  • Continue replacing paper towel dispensers with hand dryers.
  • Work with procurement to prioritize the purchase of compostable and recyclable goods in Gateway.
  • Improve waste management/ disposal procedures and protocols for student organizations and events.
  • Expand indoor and outdoor compost programs.
  • Continue to host education workshops regarding source reduction and waste management.
  • Encourage additional research into behavioral economics of waste management.
  • Upgrade waste infrastructure at the Events Center.
  • Host first-ever Waste Reduction/ Diversion Challenge in residence halls.
  • Continue to improve waste diversion efforts.
  • Identify additional vendors that may not provide safe work environments for employees.
  • Continue to map outdoor waste receptacles and eliminate unnecessary landfill receptacles where applicable, as well as look into locations where service may be difficult for staff members in an effort to reduce risk of injury.
  • Expand use of reusable hand towels and/or paper towel composting in residence halls.
  • Develop additional outreach programs including social media announcements and smart phone apps that provide information on proper waste management efforts, including composting at home, recycling efforts, and procurement tracking.
  • Continue to update campus waste infrastructure.
  • Improve education and outreach regarding UC 2020 Zero Waste Goal.