Healthy Campus Network
Take the Stairs Program
Publicity, Graphic Design, and Project Coordinator

Wages: $14/hr.; Only available to work-study students
Hours: 10-12 hrs./week
Start date: late September2017
Applications due: September 18th, 2017


The UCSB Healthy Campus Network seeks a student intern to publicize and help launch our Take the Stairs Program and to help with broad promotion and outreach for the Healthy Campus Network.  The Take the Stairs Program was inspired by UCLA’s Stairwell Program. This year, each of the UC campuses are launching a take the stairs campaign and will be working in close coordination with each other.  This collaborative statewide campaign will be one of the top priorities of the Healthy Campus Network in the coming year.  The selected student will work with campus stakeholders to launch the campaign, coordinate implementation efforts, promote participation, develop graphics for stairwells and signage, and report on the campaign. The intern will also collaborate with the broader HCN team to publicize the work of the HCN.


  • Develop graphic designs for stairwell wraps and decals;
  • Design posters and maps to promote stairwell use;
  • Develop language for promotional materials to encourage the use of stairwells;
  • Collaborate with key campus stakeholders to design and seek approval for stairwell improvement projects such as painting of stairwells;
  • Organize tabling and events near stairwells to raise awareness about stairwell use for health and environmental benefits;
  • Actively engage building occupants to encourage them use stairwells (tabling and presentations);
  • Develop reports documenting approaches and strategies used in the stairwell campaign;
  • Communicate regularly with HCN statewide leads to update them on our progress on the Take the Stairs Campaign. Quarterly reports will need to be drafted;
  • Develop metrics and track data on the success of each stairwell campaign effort;
  • Engage the physical health sub-committee and local steering committee of the HCN in supporting the take the stairs campaign;
  • Recruit volunteers and student organization leaders to help promote the stairwell campaign;
  • Act as the liaison to the statewide sub-committee working on the stairwell campaign;
  • Work with interns at other UCs filling a similar internship role (each UC was given funding for a position like this one);
  • Promote awareness of the Healthy Campus Network and available resources;
  • Assist with publicizing campus events related to HCN activities; and
  • Reach out to other communications interns, fellows, and stakeholders working on HCN and GFI to develop collaborative outreach mechanisms.

Minimum Requirements

  • Experience creating your own unique work with Adobe Illustrator, In Design or Photoshop;
  • Professional and clear communicator;
  • Engaging writer who is able to tell a cohesive and exciting story about our work;
  • Detail oriented;
  • Personable and comfortable with public outreach;
  • Independent thinker capable of collaborating to design and implement programs and practices;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects at the same time;
  • Diplomatic and openness to consider multiple perspectives on a given issue; and
  • Good at time management.

Preferred Requirements

  • Familiarity with evaluating, tracking data, and/or reporting on programs; and
  • Familiarity with health and wellness issues.

Application Instructions

Please read all of the instructions for this program and the job posting carefully in order to ensure that you have the best chance of being selected. Submit a resume, cover letter describing your interest in the position, and examples of your past graphic design work to Katie Maynard by the application deadline at the top of this posting.

UCSB Career Services offers support and advising in writing résumés. Please consider taking advantage of their generous services, especially if this is the first time you have written a résumé.

Please ensure that when you apply the subject line of your email and your email body indicate clearly that you are applying for the “HCN – Take the Stairs Intern”. We have several positions currently open ranging across multiple programs.

For More Information

Please email Katie Maynard, after having read the above information thoroughly.