The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Announces This Years Selected Projects

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The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Grant Making Committee just announced the selected projects for the 2017/18 funding cycle! The Committee awarded funds to 21 projects, totaling $180,378. Several of the projects will directly reduce GHG emissions on campus. Below is a summary of those projects, which completed within the next academic year:


Department of Theater and Dance Rehearsal Space Lighting Retrofit ($27,165)

Funding will be used for a  lighting retrofit of the dance rehearsal space in the Department of Theater and Dance. This is the most widely used space in the department. The lighting retrofit project will cut the energy consumption in rehearsal spaces by 70%.


Reducing Energy Consumption at UCSB’s Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserves ($3,850)

The proposed project is part of a comprehensive energy conservation and generation strategy for the reserve. The funding will be used to purchase and replace 350 fluorescent and 100 incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, resulting in saving of 17,385 pounds of CO2.


UCSB Bookstore LED ($27,935)

The TGIF grant will be used to replace the fluorescent lighting at the UCSB Bookstore in the University Center with LED fixtures. University Center Governance Board is also offering matching funds for this project. Changing the lighting in the UCSB Bookstore will save 72,663.9
kilowatt-hours per year, saving upwards of $10,000 annually.


TGIF Alternative Vehicle Incentive Program ($10,000)

Personal vehicles account for more than 25% of California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs). An Electric Vehicle (EV) in California emits 4,000 lbs. of CO2 equivalent, compared to a gas powered car which emits 15,000 lbs. Making a transition to electrified or hybrid transportation is needed as soon as possible in order for us to meet global climate change mitigation targets. Unfortunately, EV/hybrid adoption in California (which has the highest adoption rate in the US) remains low. High upfront costs, commonly referred to as “sticker shock,” are often cited as common obstacles preventing car buyers from choosing an EV.

Funding from this grant will be used to continue our Alternative Vehicle Incentive program which offers incentives to departments buying electric or ultra efficient vehicles.


The Fly Project ($14,264)

The Craig and Denise Montell labs together constitute the largest Drosophila facility on
campus and likely among the largest in the UC system. Through a multi-faceted approach, this project aims to reduce the environmental impact and energy use of Drosophila stock-keeping practices. The central focus of the proposal is the replacement of standard refrigeration incubators with thermoelectric units. Based on data collected through the 2017 TGIF-funded pilot study, this transition corresponds to a reduction in energy consumption by 35,828 kWh/yr. TGIF funding will be used as matching funds to purchase and install two thermoelectric incubators. TGIF has also provided funding for the purchase of 8 foot pedals and reusable trays for the lab stocks.


Text Messaging for Behavioral Change ($660)

TGIF funding will go towards a project to purchase a 1-year subscription to a text messaging system to assist with individual behavior modification on campus. Behavior modification has the potential to decrease an individual’s energy use and overall environmental footprint, but is not often an easy thing to do. To assist with this, strategic messaging in the form of a text message can be used to remind individuals of behaviors they should practice.


TGIF Equipment Rebate Program ($10,000)

TGIF is piloting a new equipment rebate program to encourage departments considering replacing old or buying new equipment (refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, etc.) to purchase the most efficient model. TGIF is offering a efficiency rebate of up to $1,000 to departments purchasing new equipment and or replacing old equipment with an energy or water efficient model. The rebate program requirements, terms and conditions, and application can be found here.  


For a list of all projects funded this year by TGIF, please visit: