Members for 2015/2016:

    Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Co-Chair, CSC
    Bruce Tiffney, Dean, College of Creative Studies, Faculty, Earth Science, Co-Chair, CCS
    David Austin, Faculty, Institute for Energy Efficiency
    John Foran, Faculty,  Academic Senate Representative
    Alex Regan, Staff Representative, Library
    Max stiefel, Graduate Student Association Representative
    Roland Geyer, Faculty, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
    Mel Manalis, Faculty, Environmental Studies
    Mark Brzezinski, Faculty, Ecology Evolution And Marine Biology
    Britt Ortiz, Staff Representative, Student Affairs
    Constance Penley, Faculty, Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media
    Denise Stephens, Campus Librarian
    Victoria Mansfield, Environmental Affairs Board Undergraduate Representative
    Samantha Rubin, Associated Students Undergraduate Representative

Advisors to the Committee:
Rachel A. Segalman, Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials
Bill Shelor, (Community Member) Sustainability University Now (SUN)

Consultants to the Committee:
Shelly Leachman, Public Affairs & Development Writer
Mo Lovegreen, Director, Campus Sustainability

Staff to the Committee:
Jewel Snavely, Campus Sustainability Coordinator