Members for 2014/2015:

    Pam Lombardo, Acting Associate Vice Chancellor, Co-Chair, CSC
    Bruce Tiffney, Dean, College of Creative Studies, Faculty, Earth Science, Co-Chair, CCS
    David Austin, Faculty, Institute for Energy Efficiency
    Eric Matthys, Faculty, Co-Chair Academic Senate
    Alex Regan, Staff Representative, Library
    Karly Miller, Graduate Student Association Representative
    Roland Geyer, Faculty, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
    Mel Manalis, Faculty, Environmental Studies
    Mark Brzezinski, Faculty, Ecology Evolution And Marine Biology
    Britt Ortiz, Staff Representative, Student Affairs
    Constance Penley, Faculty, Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media
    Denise Stephens, Campus Librarian
    Alexandra Ballinger, Environmental Affairs Board Undergraduate Representative
    Nicholas Frey, Associated Students Undergraduate Representative

    Advisors to the Committee:
    Walter Kohn, Noble Laureate
    Alan Heeger, Noble Laureate
    Bill Shelor, (Community Member) Sustainability University Now (SUN)

    Consultants to the Committee:
    Marc Fisher, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
    George Foulsham, News Director, News & Communications
    Mo Lovegreen, Director, Campus Sustainability

    Staff to the Committee:
    Jewel Snavely, Campus Sustainability Coordinator
    Katie Maynard, Campus Sustainability Coordinator