Matthew Campa

Matthew Campa is a fourth year Environmental Studies major from Salinas, CA. Before joining the Sustainability Program, Matthew attended Modesto Junior College, where he took the initiative in establishing  student-led environmental change to the campus. By organizing volunteer-based clean ups and putting together an Earth Day event, he expanded on the culture of green practices while making real changes to the school’s emissions and impacts. These ideals transferred over when he began enrollment here at UCSB, starting with his chair position as the Earth Day Coordinator with the Environmental Affairs Board. Furthermore, he became a CHESC intern, and is now helping to administrate new sustainable changes across campus as part of the PACES team. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys spending time in the great outdoors he tries so hard to protect, taking part in fishing, hiking, camping, and sailing.

Naomi Carrillo

Naomi Carrillo is a fourth year Biological Sciences major aspiring to integrate sustainability across various campus departments as part of the PACES team. Her dedication to improve green practices in laboratories and athletic settings stems directly from her pursuit for a future in the medical field and her active role in UCSB’s club rugby team. Without compromising the quality of treatment in healthcare or hindering the ability of athletes, fans, and management to take part in their sporting events, Naomi believes there are many opportunities to integrate eco-friendly alternatives and practices into these institutions. Born and raised in southern California, she attended Moorpark College in her home town before transferring to UCSB.

Samantha Ellman

Samantha Ellman is a second year Environmental Science major looking to gain knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability as the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Ambassador. Prior to attending UCSB, Samantha was an intern with the Alliance for Climate Education in the Bay Area, where she educated the local constituents about environmental legislation regarding oil fracking and opportunities for them to implement solar power. She is currently a volunteer at the Research Experience and Education Facility (REEF) where she educates school groups about marine life and ocean stewardship through scientific exploration and discovery. She spent the last summer at the University College Dublin studying lower division physics. Samantha seeks to spread awareness about the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative and promote student involvement in the initiative on UCSB’s campus.

Gabriel Etaat

Gabriel Etaat is a third year Economics and Environmental Studies major taking the lead in unifying student-run environmental organizations as the USDA Food Insecurity Research Intern. Combining a variety a skills from data analytics, program coordination, and event management, his primary tasks include evaluating campus-wide food insecurity demographics and assessing the growth of various on-campus food programs.  Gabriel prides himself in his ability to maintain a rigorous academic schedule, research assistant positions, an active role in UCSB’s club ultimate frisbee program, and multiple internships throughout the academic school year. He is interested in pursuing careers in environmental consulting, academia, and natural resource allocation.

Julia Feldman

Julia Feldman is a fourth year Environmental Studies major, also working towards a certificate in Technology Management. After working for Adventure Programs and Health and Wellness for two years, she began working with UCSB Sustainability on programs such as PACES Green Certification and the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. She is fascinated by the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economies, and hopes to combine her passion of protecting the environment to industries such as fashion to help clean up their practices. Her goal is to one day start her own line of sustainable clothing and make conscious consumerism accessible for all. In her free time, Julia loves to write music and is the lead singer of a band in LA called BNTLY.

Kathryn Foster

Kathryn Foster is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and is excited to act as the Laboratory Sustainability Coordinator for UCSB’s LabRATS program. Kathryn has experience working in laboratories on campus including those in the Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology and Earth Science departments. She also acts as Co-Chair for the Associated Student’s Environmental Affairs Board, an on-campus group that strives to protect, preserve and enhance the environment at UCSB as well as the surrounding communities. She is passionate about encouraging sustainable practices in all branches of UCSB. Kathryn is looking forward to further developing her scientific and communicative skills while working with UCSB Sustainability.

Cameron Guiliano-Puzi

Cameron Guiliano-Puzi is a third year Environmental Science major who has worked with LabRATS for two years. He primarily works with laboratories to achieve sustainability among researchers. His experience in LEAN manufacturing as well as lab experience at UC Davis led him to want to apply sustainability practices learned in commercial manufacturing to the laboratory setting. He has spoken at two CHESC conferences, and upon the completion of his degree he hopes to continue his work in laboratory sustainability. In his free time, he enjoys reading, swimming, and working out.

Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee is a fourth year Environmental Studies and Political Science major from Los Angeles. Her compassion for equity through environmental justice is second-nature, which is why Catherine is an educator and leader for the ELF program. By creating lesson plans and interactive activities for diverse and often marginalized students, she hopes to implement a sense of environmental consciousness to the community from a young age. After working with Isla Vista Elementary kindergartners through her position as an outreach educator for the UCSB Art, Design, & Architecture Museum, she now enjoys interacting with middle and high school students through community centers and classrooms.  She hopes to continue tackling environmental justice issues with a career in law and policy.

Jackie Molinero Gutierrez 

Jackie Molinero Gutierrez is a third year Political Science major with a minor in English. As a CalFresh advocate and communications intern, she is dedicated to helping minority and low-income communities achieve access to resources and food security in the UCSB community. This isn’t just a job for Jackie—she proves this time after time with her extra-curricular activities, such as her executive board position for the LEAD council. Here, she utilizes her web design and social media skills to provide mentorship, programs, and networking opportunities to people from underrepresented communities pursuing a future in law. She, too, is on that same path, with the intent to become a lawyer for the same communities she has already worked so hard to aid.

Alex Moon

Alex Moon is a fifth year Bio-Psychology major and Edible Campus Program Coordinator here at UCSB. Originally from South Korea, Alex moved to Lancaster, CA at the age of 15 to continue his education in the states. At Antelope Valley College, Alex experienced the hardships of being a first-generation college student, and used this newfound interest in order to co-establish and lead a mentorship program to promote academic and overall success. Upon transferring to UCSB, his further exposure to mental health issues, cultural divisions, and food insecurity in college students is what ultimately resulted in his passion for helping to expand upon the campus’ network of gardens in order to help aid struggling students. By cutting food costs for the students who need it most, Alex hopes to eliminate the financial and nutritional barriers that prevent aspiring students from achieving their academic and professional goals.

An Nguyen

An Nguyen is a fourth year Environmental Studies major, also double minoring in Art & Technology and Spatial Studies. As a Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellow, An is eager to work on building campus resiliency in the face of increasing climate-related impacts. In recent years, the UCSB community has experienced extensive drought, fires, and mudslides, which have all greatly affected students, faculty, and staff. She hopes to conduct research that will lead to better mitigation and adaptation to these types of events. Her interest in sustainability and planning has grown immensely through her other experiences at UCSB. An has served as the Environmental Planning Coalition’s Co-President and is also the Outreach Coordinator for Associated Students Coastal Fund – a student initiative that provides funds to preserve, protect, and enhance the terrestrial and marine habitats associated with the shoreline of UCSB.

Derek Nguyen

Derek Nguyen is a fourth year Environmental Studies major. He is excited to be working for UCSB Sustainability as the Food Recovery Coordinator and for the Goleta Water District as an Operations Intern. He is looking forward to promoting and becoming more involved with sustainability and on-campus sustainable practices. Through student outreach, he hopes to empower others to take the initiative by reducing the amount of food waste on-campus and in their own lives. With these internships, he hopes to develop a deeper knowledge in both water conservation and sustainable agricultural practices. His goal is to attend graduate school specializing in agricultural business after his undergrad at UCSB.

Natalie Overton

Natalie Overton is a fifth year UCSB student, double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She has been working as a Living Lab writer and event coordinator since last fall, and is looking forward to further expanding and developing the program this coming year. In the past she has written for two other UCSB newspapers, Daily Nexus and The Bottom Line, as a science journalist. She thrives in the crossroads of environmental science, politics, and sociology—hoping to learn as much as she can about the human relationship will the environment. She’s applying to graduate programs this fall, excited to delve further into the wonderfully complex and inspiring field of environmental sociology.

Stephanie Perez

Stephanie Perez is a fourth year Psychology major with a minor in Applied Psychology. Rising up the ranks from her previous position as an advocate, Stephanie is now the  CalFresh Coordinator. On top of educating and supervising a team of eight advocates, she also manages the programming by connecting with partners, updating outreach materials, and innovating new methods to reach the 6000 enrollment goal for the program during the 2018-19 school year. Born and raised in Monterey Park, CA, Stephanie became familiar with the process of funding and enrollment for expenditures by paying her way through East Los Angeles College and Los Angeles Trade-Tech College, where she developed a passion for sports psychology and coaching, and received a certification in sports management. Stephanie herself is a basketball player, and through independent research with Latina women in college sports and her own administrative assistant position with UCSB’s girls basketball program, she hopes to follow suit in making her name in the industry.

Aidan Scott

Aidan Scott is a third year Environmental Studies and Economics double major joining the PACES team for the 2018-19 school year. With the personal belief in cultural changes enabling a greater shift in the impacts and emissions of society as a whole, Aidan is thrilled to be part of a team that aims to normalize green practices among facilities, faculty, students and staff across campus. Currently, he is working with the athletics department to implement a green certification program to encourage less carbon-intensive modes of transportation, smart waste management, and other areas for improvement. Furthermore, Aidan is interested in pursuing the relationship between business and sustainability, and has expemlified this through his leadership as president of the clubs Greeks go Green and the Isla Vista Surfrider Chapter. In his spare time, Aidan enjoys surfing, camping, and trips home to San Diego.

Gabriella Shofet

Gabriella Shofet is a fourth year Biopsychology major focusing on food security as a GFI Fellow. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gabriella identifies closely with her faith in Judaism and, thus, has experienced the restraints and difficulties that come with maintaining a kosher diet. This, combined with her firsthand exposure to starvation while teaching English to students in Mumbai, has empowered her to take an initiative in eliminating hunger in the UCSB community. As a fellow, she plans on incorporating kosher options into the AS Food Bank, as well as collaborating with the local Santa Barbara Hillel to expand on opportunities to provide meals to students in the area. Furthermore, Gabriella has done research in other departments on campus, including her study of sex-based differences to drug addiction.

Max Silbert

Max Silbert is a fourth year Environmental Studies from San Luis Obispo. Born in Northridge, CA, Max moved to his new hometown a young age and continued to reside there as a community college student at Cuesta College. His interest for environmental conservation began after watching “An Inconvenient Truth” as a kid, but only started delving deeper into the science during his studies in college. Max originally explored business and computer science in high school as potential career paths, but was attracted to Environmental Studies due to  its nature of incorporating multiple disciplines into work that affected the environment on a broad scale. During his time at UCSB, Max has partaken in various practices including water sampling for an internship at Coal Oil Point Reserve to analyze water invertebrates and provide data for a local environmental impact study. He is now embarking on his first year as a CNI Fellow, with his primary focus being a pursuit for viable local carbon offset projects that UCSB can certify and acquire in order to contribute towards the goal of carbon neutrality in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.

Tyler Thayer

Tyler Thayer is a fourth year Communications Major working toward a minor in Professional Writing. She is the Communications and Outreach Intern for UCSB Sustainability, and is excited to use her skills to help such an impactful department. After graduating at the end of this school year, she hopes to begin working in a similar position for a non-profit so that she can keep advancing organizations with whom her values align with. But until then, she will be doing everything she can to help and learn from the people within UCSB Sustainability while also enjoying her final year on this beautiful campus.

Carolina Watts

Carolina Watts is a fourth year Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in Anthropology. Originally from Olympia,Washington, Carolina comes from a community that understands the importance of serious environmental stewardship. She cut her teeth on conservation, growing up in a politically active capital city that prides itself on local activism for the betterment of its fragile coastal ecosystems. As the Staff and Faculty Transportation Emissions Intern, Carolina is elated to have an opportunity to apply her knowledge and efforts towards sustainability throughout the UC system. In addition to her internship position with UCSB Sustainability, Carolina also holds a position as Cajé Coffee’s first Environmental Sustainability Manager. In this position she has learned how to minimize waste and emission impacts on a small business scale. Upon graduation, Carolina intends to seek work opportunities that offer solutions to issues surrounding global climate change issues, both locally and afar.