Internship Categories

One intern or team of interns will be selected in each of the following categories. Each intern/team may only apply to one category. :

Campus Sustainability Intern(s)

“Establish programs to produce expertise in environmental management, sustainable economic development, population, and related fields to ensure that all university graduates are environmentally literate and responsible citizens.” Commitment #3 of the Talloires Declaration

The intern or team selected for the “Campus” Internship will create substantial changes in campus practices, broadly defined and will help UCSB to realize the Campus Sustainability Plan.

Community Sustainability Intern(s)

“Use every opportunity to raise public, government, industry, foundation, and university awareness by publicly addressing the urgent need to move toward an environmentally sustainable future.” Commitment #1 of the Talloires Declaration

Students proposing projects in the “Community” category will identify an issue or opportunity within the region where they feel they can create substantial change. Successful projects will increase the level of community outreach and education and create solutions and resources that are valuable to the community.