Teams will be expected to identify project sponsors during Phase Two of the application process.  After Phase One, the CSI Program will recommend potential sponsors and help make introductions for the students applying to help make this process easier.  For more information on identifying sponsors, please contact Katie Maynard: kmaynard@geog.ucsb.edu or 805-448-5111.

Please note: sponsors are not required for the Student Champion Intern position.

Faculty Sponsors

Each student intern/team is required to have a faculty sponsor who will ensure that the students are fulfilling their academic goals. Faculty sponsors are expected to be in regular contact with the student interns and must be actively involved in the project. The faculty advisor must have expertise in the topic of the project they are advising.

Staff/Community Sponsors

Each student intern/team is required to have a staff or community sponsor who is a key stakeholder in the project that they are proposing. As an example, if the student(s) are proposing to increase the percentage of alternatively fueled vehicles, they will need to secure a commitment from the fleet manager. The staff/community sponsor should ensure that the students have access to the information they need to implement the project and are supported in collecting feedback from and bringing their recommendations to the necessary stakeholders.

Submitting a Recommendation Letter

During phase two sponsors will be asked to submit a formal letter of support. The letter should be at least 1-2 pages in length and should clearly describe:

1) The ways in which the sponsor plans to support the student(s) if they are selected for the program.

2) The expertise that the sponsor brings to the project.

3)  The sponsor’s confidence in the student(s)’ capabilities and required background knowledge for the project

The sponsor should submit this letter directly to kmaynard@geog.ucsb.edu in PDF form by email.