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Sustainability as a Core Value

At the University of California, Santa Barbara our goals is to approach environmental issues head on and innovate solutions to improve the environment. We use the campus as a living lab and everyone has a role to play in making the campus sustainable. We foster a culture of sustainability through supporting campus-wide efforts, coordinating program development, and publicizing sustainability work by students, staff, and faculty. The environmental movement in the United States began on the coastline surrounding UCSB and we strive to train our students to engage in the processes to advance environmental stewardship not just on campus, but throughout their lives as they go into the workforce after graduation.

Action Today for Tomorrow

2016/2017 Highlights

  • UCSB won a 2017 Best Practice Award in the annual Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Awards contest presented at CHESC for the Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building Advanced Lighting and Controls Project. 
  • The UC Santa Barbara campus is like a city. On an average day, our campus buildings require 12 megawatts of electricity. In the last year, we built 4 megawatts of onsite solar energy generation and will have another megawatt completed by the end of summer 2017. 
  • January 2017 marked the launch of the UC systemwide Zero Waste Communications Campaign, #MyLastTrash.
    The goal of the #MyLastTrash campaign is to change the campus community’s behavior around how they handle and reduce waste. 
  • Two new 6-story Tenaya Towers at San Joaquin Apartments that include (58) 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments with up to 348 bed spaces, are  dual-plumbed with a recycled water system. This is estimated to save over 600,000 gallons of potable water per year.