Sustainability as a Core Value

At UCSB everyone is responsible for sustainability! UCSB Sustainability helps foster a “culture of sustainability” through supporting campus-wide sustainability efforts, coordinating program development, and publicizing the sustainability work of staff, faculty and students- our greatest renewable resource! UCSB has been a national leader in environmental activism and sustainability for the past 40 years. Surrounded by beautiful coastline, it’s no wonder that Gauchos are excited about protecting our environment and creating a sustainable tomorrow on the South Coast.


Action Today for Tomorrow

2013/2014 Highlights

  • Electricity use per square foot was reduced by 36 percent over the past 10 years.
  • Natural Gas use was reduced by 15 percent as compared to the prior year. 
  • With a 21% reduction, Potable Water use decreased significantly in 2013/2014, and was at its lowest point during the past the past 10 years.


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