Sustainability as a Core Value

At UCSB everyone is responsible for sustainability! UCSB Sustainability helps foster a “culture of sustainability” through supporting campus-wide sustainability efforts, coordinating program development, and publicizing the sustainability work of staff, faculty and students- our greatest renewable resource! UCSB has been a national leader in environmental activism and sustainability for the past 40 years. Surrounded by beautiful coastline, it’s no wonder that Gauchos are excited about protecting our environment and creating a sustainable tomorrow on the South Coast.

Action Today for Tomorrow

2014/2015 Highlights

  • Electricity use per square foot was reduced by 39 percent over the past 10 years.
  • Natural Gas use was reduced by 16 percent as compared to the prior year. 
  • While UC Santa Barbara has already met the UC wide policy measures, new goals have been set in place to show campus solidarity with the community of Goleta. UCSB has committed to reducing potable water consumption 12% by March 2016. If accomplished, these reductions between June 2014 and March 2016 would account for more than 19 million gallons of potable water saved. 


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