Built Environment Research

Research Groups

 Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) - UCSB

Current Projects and Collaborations

IEE – Zero Net Energy Building Systems: Researchers are developing new, highly efficient control systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, sensors, lighting, and fully integrated smart building technologies to realize dramatic savings in building energy consumption.

Individuals ( * indicates participation in IEE)

Sumita Pennathur*
Mechanical Engineering: Creating and developing enabling tools to identify and characterize biological substances; improve current bionalaytical devices; designing/engineering entire systems for point-of-care usage; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Bassam Bamieh*
Mechanical Engineering: Control and dynamical systems;applications of systems and feedback techniques in physical and engineering systems; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Frederic Gibou*
Mechanical Engineering/ Computer Science/ Mathematics: Design and application of high resolution computational methods for a variety of applications including Free Boundary Problems, CFD, Multiphase Flows, Electrostatics, Materials Science, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Joao Hesphanha*
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Construction of mathematical models to capture switching between discrete modes, delays, stochasticity, etc.; development of formal tools to analyze hybrid systems; development of methodologies to design control algorithms for hybrid systems. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

George Homsy*
Chemical Engineering: Hydrodynamic stability; interfacial fluid mechanics; chaotic mixing; electrohydrodynamics; porous media flow; coating flows; convection with time-dependent body forces; transport in chaotic flows; surfactant fluid dynamics. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Mustafa Khammash*
Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical & Computer Engineering: Control theory and its applications to engineering and to biological systems. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Eckart Meiburg*
Mechanical Engineering:  Fluid dynamics; transport phenomena; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Igor Mezic*
Mechanical Engineering: Mesohyperbolic structures of fluid flows from measured data played the central role. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Jeffrey Moehlis*
Mechanical Engineering: Biological dynamics; fluid dynamics; mechanical systems; networks; dynamical systems; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Brad Paden*
Engineering: Nonlinear control theory and applications to electromechanical systems; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Richard Wolski*
Computer Science: Computational grid computing for performance; parallel and distributed systems; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Henry Yang*
Chancellor/ Mechanical Engineering: Dynamic systems, control, and robotics; solid mechanics, materials, and structures: aircraft structures, structural dynamics and control; transonic aeroelasticity, finite elements, composite materials, seismic- and wind-structural control; intelligent manufacturing systems. Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Walter Yuen*
Mechanical Engineering: Two-phase flow; radiation heat transfer; fire and combustion; melting/solidification heat transfer; and numerical computation; Buildings & Design Solutions Group

Kim Yasuda
Art: Sustainable Architecture

Volker Welter
History of Art and Architecture: History and theory of sustainable architecture