Urban Planning, Development & Transportation Research

Research Groups

Earth Research Institute (ERI) — UCSB

Individuals ( * indicates affiliation with ERI)

Richard Applebaum*
Global Studies: World-system theory; global production and labor; science, technology, and society

Jean Carlson*
Physics: Natural hazards; human impacts

Richard Church
Geography: Specializes in analyzing problems defined over time and space that include transportation, water resources systems, and urban and environmental systems.

Keith Clarke
Geography: Spatial analyses of development, human population growth, and human impacts on natural and urban landscapes.

Helen Couclelis
Geography: Urban and regional modeling; planning; and development

Michael Goodchild
Geography: Spatial and temporal analysis; some research includes investigating new and improved conservation planning and implementation strategies.

Kostas Goulias
Geography: Investigates regional transportation patterns in order to address issues concerning GHG emissions, natural resource availability and transport, homeland security, and disaster management

Trevor Hayton
Chemistry: New methods for decontamination and waste treatment

Phaedon Kyriakidis*
Geography: Natural hazards; earth system science,;environmental information management

David Lopez-Carr
Geography: Human dynamics of global climate change with a regional focus in Latin America (rural poverty and development, health, population, land use/ cover change).

Joe McFadden
Geography: Land-use/ land-cover change; biosphere and atmosphere interactions; Earth system science; sustainability science; urban ecology

Greg Mohr
Environmental Studies: Environmental planning, and restoration.

Dar Roberts
Geography: Spatial analyses and remote sensing of vegetation, land-use/ land-cover change, and urban and natural landscapes.

Stuart Sweeney
Geography: Research focuses on urban and regional planning, population modeling, and the economics, environmental and social costs associated with population growth.

Paul Wack
Environmental Studies: Planning; agricultural land preservation; environmental assessment; sustainable communities