About the Edible Campus Program

The Edible Campus Program aims to address local food insecurity by repurposing underutilized spaces for sustainable food production, turning waste into food, and engaging students as growers and producers. We will train students in practices that address social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability and help them to reclaim their personal connection to the land and their food.

The Edible Campus Program is made up of a group of partnerships. The Associated Students Department of Public Worms is the heart of our program, keeping the farm running on a day to day basis and providing continuity for the effort. Additionally, A.S. Department of Public Worms will maintain the Urban Orchard. The Associated Students Food Bank will be intaking and distributing the food to students in need. UCSB Sustainability provides interns who supervise the program. Volunteers will ensure the continuation of this unique program.

Our program started with the Urban Orchard, in which we planted 6 citrus trees in Storke Plaza and we will continue to expand the project as time goes on. At full growth, the trees will each produce around 400-600 pounds of produce per year. The Hydroponic Vertical Garden Project will allow us to explore growing in abundance in dense areas. The Experimental Plot is a place for the program to try out different methods of sustainable agriculture, while also being a location for field trips and workshops. The Campus Farm, set to open in Fall of 2017 will be a large area of food production. The farm will be a space that fosters community, as well as education, all while connecting students back to their food source and the land.

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