Energy Efficiency Research

Research Groups

Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) - UCSB

Current Projects and Collaborations

IEE — Energy Efficient Computing Solutions: Researchers are developing an array of technological solutions to enable faster computing and electronics, including optoelectronics, cooling technologies, wireless networking, and life-cycle analysis while striving for energy efficiency.

IEE — Electronics & Photonics Solutions: Researchers are looking at ways to make electrical devices from communication and entertainment more energy efficient.

IEE — Lighting Solutions: Researchers have developed a 150 lumen/watt LED white light source — the efficiency level considered the threshold for commercialization. The Institute’s challenge is to double this efficiency with production methods that scale to allow costs similar to incandescent light bulbs.

Individuals ( * indicates participation in IEE)

Divyakant Agrawal*
Computer Science: Distributed systems and databases; energy efficient computing

Kevin Almeroth*
Computer Science: Computer networks and protocols, wireless networking, multicast communication, large-scale multimedia systems, and mobile applications; Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group

Kaustav Banerjee*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Nanoelectronics; energy efficient IC design; green electronics; Electronics and Photonics Solutions Group

Elizabeth Belding*
Computer Science: Wireless networks for developing regions; deployment and monitoring; future wireless networks; multimedia support; network adaptability; Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group

Daniel Blumenthal*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Electronics and Photonics: fiber-optic networks, wavelength and subcarrier division multiplexing, photonic packet switching, integrated semiconductor photonic circuits, nanophotonics, signal processing in semiconductor optical devices, wavelength conversion, microwave photonics. Electronics and Photonics Solutions Group

John Bowers
Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Materials: Energy efficiency and in the development of novel optoelectronic devices for the next generation of optical networks

Forrest Brewer*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Low power control - reduce the power consumption of digital feedback controllers; fault tolerance; PBS+/TDL. Computing Solutions Group

Tim Cheng*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Research includes developing methodologies, algorithms, techniques, and tools for validating, verifying, testing, and analyzing system-on-chip (SoC), flexible electronics, and 3D devices. Computing Solutions Group

Fred Chong*
Computer Science: Energy efficient computing; Greenscale Center for Energy Efficient Computing

Larry Coldren*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Photonics and optoelectronics; Electronics and Photonics Solutions Group

Steven Den Baars*
Materials: Electronic Materials growth and fabrication of new semiconductor devices. Lighting Solutions Group

Amr El Abbadi*
Computer Science: Fault-tolerant distributed systems and databases; Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group

John Gilbert*
Computer Science: Combinatorial scientific computing; high-performance graph algorithms; tools and software for computational science and engineering; numerical linear algebra; distributed sensing and control; Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group

Alan Heeger*
Physics: Light emission from semiconducting polymers, including  photoluminescence, light-emitting diodes, light-emitting electrochemical cells, and lasers. Solving climate change with innovative technologies.

Chandra Krintz*
Computer Science: Improving the performance of programs for a wide range of systems (from resource-constrained devices to clusters of workstations to hybrid cloud systems) via adaptive compiler, runtime, and OS techniques. Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group.

Noel Macdonald
Engineering: Environmental engineering and materials.

Upamanyu Madhow*
Electrical and  Computer Engineering:  Architectures and algorithms for next generation wireless communication and sensor networks. Electronics and Photonics Solutions Group.

Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Computer-aided design with an emphasis on layout and logic synthesis of VLSI circuits and systems. Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group.

Umesh Mishra*
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Energy efficient semiconductors and electronics; Lighting Solutions Group

Shuji Nakamura*
Materials: Growth of bulk GaN crystals with low defect density, for use as substrates in GaN-based devices such as LEDs, high brightness lasers and high-frequency, high-power transistors. Lighting Solutions Group.

Pierre Petroff*
Materials: Self-assembled nanostructures using molecular beam epitaxy. Lighting Solutions Group.

Linda Petzold*
Computer Science and Engineering: Computational science and engineering; Energy Efficient Computing

Volkan Rodoplu*
Computer Science and Engineering: Energy efficient electrical engineering and computing;  Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group.

Mark Rodwell*
Computer Science and Engineering: Research investigates semiconductor devices (diodes & transistors), semiconductor fabrication process, circuit design, interconnects, instruments, and communications systems. Electronics & Photonics Solutions Group.

Ram Seshadri*
Chemistry & Biochemistry: Magnetic phenomena in insulating oxides, half-metallic ferromagnetism, magnetic nanocomposites, catalytic oxides and carbides, the structure and electronic structure of polar and semiconducting materials materials (bulk as well as nano), luminescent materials for solid state lighting, high refractive index materials, and conducting nanowires. Lighting Solutions Group

Timothy Sherwood*
Computer Science: Computer architect issues; Computing Solutions Group

James Speck*
Materials: Epitaxial oxide films on semiconductors, ferroelectric thin films, and strain relaxation in highly misfitting epitaxial systems. Lighting Solutions Group.

Subhash Suri*
Computer Science: Theory of algorithms, computational geometry, networked sensing, robotics, data streams, game theory. Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group.

Luke Theogarajan*
Computer Science and Engineering: Neural prosthetic devices; Electronics & Photonics Group

Chris Van De Walle*
Materials: Oxides; nitrides; novel channel materials and dielectrics; Lighting Solutions Group

Claude Weisbuch*
Materials: Optics of semiconductors; physics and applications of low-dimensional structures such; quantum-well and quantum-dot lasers; Lighting Solutions Group

Patrick Yue*
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Cell- ased RF design in scaled CMOS technologies; very low power; adaptive equalizer for high-speed I/O’s; on-wafer wireless testing; low-power wireless bio-sensors; Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group

Haitao, Zheng*
Computer Science: Self-organizing networks; adaptive routing and MAC protocol design; network resource management; topology discovery/control; security as well as network infrastructures. Energy Efficient Computing Solutions Group