Environmental Media

Research Groups

Carsey-Wolf Center (CWC) – Environmental Media Initiative

Current Projects and Collaborations

CWC/ DigitalOcean - Sampling the Sea: Fostering discussion of fisheries problems among a global population of young fish consumers, offering better information about links between fish consumption and production, allowing better consumption choices by students.

CWC/ DigitalOcean - Early  Career Ocean Scientist Network (ECOSNET): Developing a social network for ocean science, speeding up science result communication, improving international collaborations, building better policy support.

CWC/ DigitalOcean - Ocean Acidification Research Network: Bringing the network effects of DO to this vital research effort, supporting global discussions on the impacts of climate change on ocean chemistry, developing a platform for micro-article publication and data registration.

CWC/ DigitalOcean - Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): ECOSnet Groups solving common MPA problems, creating vast MPA Google Ocean content for public awareness, sharing data to discover common solutions, improving management of MPA efforts.

Individuals ( * indicates participation in the Environmental Media Initiative)

Charles Bazerman*
Education: Environmental education and writing

Peter Bloom*
Film and Media Studies: French cinema and society

Keith Clarke*
Geography/ Environmental Media Initiative: Spatial analyses of development; human population growth; human impacts on natural and urban landscapes

Frank Davis*
Bren: Ecology; distribution of conservation of species and ecosystems; rangeland and farmland conservation; the biological implications of regional climate change

Anna Evertt*
Film and Media Studies: Film and Television History and Theory; Black Film; Digital Media Technologies

Steve Gaines*
Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology/ Bren: Population and community ecology; marine biogeography and biodiversity; carbon dioxide and the ocean

Catherine Gautier*
Geography: Understanding global and regional climate change by investigating atmospheric variables and developing and implementing climate computer modeling software

Bishnupriya Ghosh*
English: Literature; cinema; visual culture

Greg Graves*
Environmental Studies: American environmental history

 Kenneth Hardwood*
Communication: Ethics of media; media economics

Ken Hiltner*
English: Renaissance literature; ecocriticism

Richard Hutton*
English: Documentary producing/ directing/ writing; independent
feature film producing; science journalism

Lisa Jevbratt*
Art: internet visualization software; biofeedback

David Lea*
Earth Science: Key factors linking global climate and changing ocean composition

George Legrady*
Media Arts and Technology: Data visualization; computational photography; interactive installation

Stephanie LeMenager*
English: Environmental theories and representations

Hunter Lenihan*
Bren: Applied marine ecology; coastal marine resources management; human impacts on marine systems; earth system science

John Melack*
Ecology Evolution & Marine Biology/ Bren: Ecological processes in lakes, wetlands and streams; nutrient inputs and carbon dioxide uptakes by forests

Lorelei Moosebrugger*
Political Science: Comparative politics; politics of public policy; environmental politics; comparative institutions; European political systems

Marcos Novak*
Art: Transarchitecture, interactive media

Michael Osborne*
History: History of environment, biology and culture

Lisa Parks*
Film and Media StudiesMedia theory; broadcast history, science and
technology studies, global media, cultural studies

Marko Peljhan*
Art: science, technology, performance, digital media and space art

Constance Penley*
English: Environmental literature and media

Dave Seibold*
CommunicationOrganizational communication; interpersonal influence, small group decision-making, innovation and technology management

Teresa Shewry*
English: Environmental literature

David Siegel*
GeographyInvestigating the physical, biological processes of the ocean as well as spatial marine ecology, and fisheries oceanography and management.

Greg Siegel*
Film and Media StudiesMedia studies; cultural studies; science; technology studies

Eric Smith*
Political Science: Environmental politics; public opinion and elections toward offshore oil development, nuclear power, wind power, energy crises, and climate change

Jeffery Stewart*
Black Studies: Black culture and the environment

Janet Walker*
Film and Media StudiesFilm historiography; documentary film; feminism and film
theory; trauma and memory; the social ecology of media

Oran Young*
BrenInstitutional and international governance; environmental institutions