Other Environmental Research


Jim Boles
Earth Science: Natural hazards; human impacts; environmental evolution

Doug Burbank
Earth Science: Natural hazards; human impacts; environmental evolution; plate tectonics

Cathy Busby
Earth Science: Sedimentology; geothermal exploration; natural hazards; environmental evolution

John Cottle
Earth Science: Environmental evolution, tectonics

Bradley Hacker
Earth Science: Environmental evolution of Earth, tectonics

Phaedon Kyriakidis
Geography: Natural hazards; earth system science; environmental information management

James Langer
Physics: Nonequilibrium phenomena such as the kinetics of phase transitions, pattern formation in fluid dynamics and crystal growth, earthquakes, and – most recently – the dynamics of deformation and failure in noncrystalline solids.

Robert McMeeking
Mechanical Engineering/ Materials: Thermal barrier coatings, biomechanics; cell mechanics

Daniel Morse
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology: Environmentally benign new routes to synthesis of high-performance materials; biomimiciry