The Green Events Certification Program aims to be a resource for on-campus event hosts, assisting in reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency of events! Through the process, event hosts will receive information and recommendations to improve the sustainability and efficiency of their events. We want to serve as a resource to help guide event hosts to have more sustainable practices, and continue to be a forward-thinking, innovative campus.


Assessment Process

1. Introduction
Either via email or interview, we will provide an overview of the program and the steps involved.

2. Pre-Event Interview (30min)
Questions in this stage will be geared towards the events logistics, (e.g. size, scope, type of activities, catering). This will be completed through an interview with a Green Events Coordinator.

3. Data Collection
PACES Green Events Coordinators will briefly attend the event and collect more data related to: communications/training, energy, food, human health, purchasing, transportation, waste reduction and recycling, and water.

4. Presentation (30min-1hr)
Once data from the interviews and event is compiled and summarized, Green Events Coordinators will offer a brief presentation on our findings and recommendations for the event host for future events. We will provide information and resources for our recommendations, such as catering businesses with Green Restaurant certifications, public transportation directions, information about composting on campus, and more. We will also provide a score based on the ranking of the data from the event.


If you are interested in getting your event certified, contact anyone below:


Katie Maynard

UCSB Sustainability Coordinator

kmaynard (at)


Matt Campa

Alex De Biasio

Julia Feldman

Kaitlyn Herring



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