The Environmental Movement is supported in large part by nonprofit organizations and their volunteers, a group of humans dedicated to preserving and improving their local habitats. Unfortunately, volunteerism can be quite difficult to stimulate, and when numerous organizations are drawing from the same pool of volunteers, willing help can dry up quickly. That’s what we aim to remedy.

Partners in Environment is a community-based collaboration to support and promote volunteerism, which will benefit Santa Barbara County for years to come. The goal of Partners in Environment is to enlarge the volunteer pie by streamlining the recruitment process, making it easier to find volunteer opportunities and promoting volunteerism throughout the community. So far in PIE’s early stage, members are focusing mainly on posting volunteer opportunities to VolunteerMatch and promoting Partners in Environment, but there is potential for much grander collaboration as the program progresses. Through constant community engagement, the creation of a giving economy and facilitation of communication among organizations, Partners in Environment will reinvigorate local volunteerism, bring more volunteers to existing projects and enable larger projects to be attempted.

Our current partners include:

  • Explore Ecology
  • Goleta Valley Beautiful
  • Los Padres ForestWatch
  • Ojai Valley Green Coalition
  • Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
  • Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
  • UCSB Sustainability


The number one way for your ourganization to get involved with Partners in Environment is to bring the Partners in Environment Pledge (see below) to the Volunteer Manager/Coordinator of your organization to have them sign and return to Zac Trafny ().

If you are not part of an organization and would like to be a part of the Partners in Environment, or to learn more about the program, please contact Zac Trafny by email: or phone: (707) 631-8974

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Partners in Environment Pledge

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