Sustainability Staff

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Heather Perry

Heather Perry Sustainable Procurement Analyst

Department: Purchasing




Jessie Schmitt

Jessie Schmitt Recycling and Compost Program Coordinator

Department: Associated Students



Melissa Fontaine

Melissa Fontaine Food Security Coordinator

Department: Geography
Phone: (805) 893-2798



Jewel SnavelyJewel Snavely Sustainability Coordinator, The Green Initiative Fund Grant Manager

Department: Administrative Services Phone: (805) 893 – 8367 Email:


Mo LovegreenMo Lovegreen Director, Campus Sustainability

Department: Geography Phone: 805-893-4980 Email:


Katie MaynardKatie Maynard Event Manager; Sustainability Coordinator

Curriculum, Co-Curricular, & Research Initiatives CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference Central Coast Sustainability Summit Department: Geography Phone: 805.448.5111 Email:


Matthew O'CarrollMatthew OCarroll Recycling, & Water Efficiency Manager

Department: Physical Facilities Phone: 805.893.2661 x2302 Email:


Jordan SagerJordan Sager Campus Energy Manager

Department: Physical Facilities Phone: 805.893.2661 Email:


Amorette GettyAmorette Getty Postdoctoral Researcher; Staff Advisor, LabRATS

Laboratory Sustainability Department: Material Research Laboratory Phone: 805.323.6769 Email:


Sarah SideschlagSarah Siedschlag Associated Students Environmental Programs Advisor

Environmental Programs Advisor Department: Associated Students Office: AS/MCC 2521 Phone: 805-893-5166 Email:


Mark RousMark Rousseau Energy & Environmental Manager

Department: Housing and Residential Services Phone: 805.893.3092 Email:


Adam JahnkeAdam Jahnke AS Bike Shop Coordinator

Department: Associated Students Phone: 805.893.3610 Email:


Jodi WoodsJodi Switzer Environment Compliance specialist

Department: Environmental Health & Safety Phone: (805) 893-7014 Email:


Nick Bruce Environment Compliance specialist

Department: Environmental Health & Safety Phone: (805) 893-8997 Email:


Byron-SandovalByron Sandoval Superintendent of Custodial Services Green Cleaning Department: Physical Facilities Phone: 805.893.2661 x2407 Email:


Not Pictured Above:

Andrew Riley, Sustainability Coordinator Department: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Phone:805 259-8673 Email: