Who will benefit?

Stakeholders who:

  • Are concerned about the environment.
  • Are interested in being recognized for taking a lead towards sustainability.
  • Have limited time to pursue sustainability or do not have a dedicated sustainability staff member.
  • Would like more information or resources to create changes.
  • Want to learn about campus policies related to sustainability and support in implementing those policies.
  • Want to connect with knowledgeable stakeholders that can provide technical assistance.
  • Are concerned about the ergonomics, energy, water, or waste related practices of their department.
  • Are interested in having their building become LEED certified in the future (for Departments).

What topic areas can PACES help improve?

  • Energy and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Training & communication
  • Air quality 
  • Food 
  • Purchasing
  • Waste management
  • Transportation
  • Water

Has your department achieved sustainability goals in a unique or innovative way? Share your best practices with us to help us broaden our recommendations and pursue campus-wide sustainability goals. Contact us to find out more about starting a PACES assessment in your department.