Students, staff, and faculty are taking action every day at UCSB in an effort to create a better future locally and globally.  Their stories are inspirational for our campus and our neighbors and are a record of our progress towards sustainability.  Guest contributors are helping us tell UCSB’s story through articles, featured in our newsletter, that highlight new and interesting accounts of what’s going on at the UCSB campus.

Spring 2017 Edition:

UCSB Recreation Center Launches Hydroponic Program

Edible Campus Program Releases Conceptual Farm Design

TGIF 2016-17 Funding Cycle: Another year of great projects

Bio-Based Oils Come to Campus

Winter 2017 Edition:

Intense South American Monsoons

Testing the Toxicity of Nanomaterials

Conversations on Climate Justice

Fall 2016 Edition:

Catching up with the Carbon Neutrality Initiative

Veganism in the West 

Restoring UCSB

Nine Tips to Reduce your Environmental Impact this Thanksgiving Holiday

SPRING 2016 Edition:

TGIF 2015-16 Funding Cycle: Another year of great projects

Lessons about conservation from the Indigenous Ainu of Japan

Gridlock challenges–but doesn’t upend environmental policy

Staff Sustainability Award honors UCEN Dining Staff Member John Lazarus

Winter 2016 Edition:

A Year in Review: UCSB finds sustainability success as 2015 comes to a close

Ecological justice is social justice too

Making the case that a market could fight climate change

Oil spills, El Niño, and sea stars. Lessons learned from Carol Blanchette

Fall 2015 Edition:

Milton Love

Thuc-Quyen Nguyen

University of California’s Cool Campus Challenge, a catalyst for carbon neutrality

UCSB moves forward with new, ambitious water conservation goals

Spring 2015 Edition:

Without Water

The Green Way Forward: Reducing Plastic Waste with UCSB Hydration Stations

TGIF: Another Year of Great Projects Funded

UCSB Student Resource Building: Optimizing Efficiency and Student Well-Being

Our Origins of Environmentalism

Fall 2014 Edition:

 The Buzz Around Food Justice

DR. Kevin Lafferty: Our Parasite Advocate

Gaucho Farmer’s Market

Renewable Energy Initiative Solar Array on PS-22

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Recent Editions:

Innovative Research on Solar Cells Provides an Opportunity for a more Durable, Accessible, & Affordable Solar Panel—May 2013

A Plausible Revolution in Green Chemistry—January 2013

Food for Thought: How UCSB’s Compost Program is Reducing Campus Waste—February 2013

Global Warming and Plant Phenology—March 2013

Twenty Years of Alternative Fuels: From Fleets to Prime Time—April 2013

Innovative Research on Solar Cells Provides an Opportunity for a more Durable, Accessible, & Affordable Solar Panel—May 2013